Tuesday, February 16, 2010

But How is a Human to Live?

"Tao gives him his expression," said Chuangtse, "and God gives him his form. 
He should not permit likes and dislikes to disturb his internal economy. 
But now you are devoting your intelligence to externals, and wearing out your vital spirit. 
Lean against a tree and sing; or sit against a table and sleep! 
God has made you a shapely sight, yet your only thought is the hard and white."


"Ah," said Great Nebulous, "nourish your heart. 
Rest in inaction, and the world will be reformed of itself. 
Forget your body and spit forth intelligence. 
Ignore all differences and become one with the Infinite. 
Release your mind, and free your spirit. 
Be vacuous, be devoid of soul. 
Thus will things grow and prosper and return to their Root. 
Returning to their Root without their knowing it, 
the result will be a formless whole which will never be cut up. 
To know it is to cut it up. 
Ask not about its name, inquire not into its nature, 
and all things will flourish of themselves."

Photo: Tiffany Jones

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