Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Teaching What Needs to Be Taught

As a student, we feel motivated when we are interested in something. We can sit up all night with our face in a book. Its harder and less rewarding to study the topics we’re not so interested in. It can be difficult to build up enthusiasm.

As a teacher, you need to be motivated by your student. Not by your self.

Teach What the Student Needs to Know

That means that sometimes you have to bend the curriculum of what you have prepared, and move around and open up another box of information or wisdom.

The Jesus and Buddhas’ teachings are full of stories. They are similar stories, but they are different, depending on their audience. And finally, when they have spoken taught as best they can, they say, ok then, for those of you with ears, listen!

As an instructor, we need to move fluidly around the material we want to teach. If you see your students/class not responding. Its not their fault. Its yours. You need to take responsibility for doing your best to fulfil their requirements. Sometimes your students won’t like you for it. It doesn’t mean just making them happy. It means, making them grow and develop.

Remember that some of our harders, and yet rewarding lessons in life, have been difficult and even traumatic. If we survive them, we feel enriched and empowered.

The next time you stand in front of your class/student, take a moment to ask yourself ‘How much am I just talking about me? How much am I answering the student’s needs? How can I explain what needs to be taught, so that the student understands me, like a flash of light?


Lisa said...

So true! Whether teaching my yoga or my kids I often have to remind myself to get out of the way. Thanks for the inspiration!

Tiffany said...

You're welcome Lisa!
All of the posts are really written to myself as reminders. Hugs and great work - I've been following your life lately! :)