Thursday, September 10, 2009

Our Insect Friends

For the past couple of months, seemingly out of nowhere, we’ve had unexpected insect guests in our apartment. We live in the middle of a little big city and the most we usually spy is a lost fly or a wayward mosquito.

However, we’ve been noticing, a random wasp, or moth, or beetle, or some little creepy crawly.

Albert and Jett jump up and cry ‘what will we do with it?’ reaching for a rolled up newspaper, but I, coming from the land down under, calmly (especially under pressure) rescue the little bug and let it out the window.

Today I was going through the box of vegetables and realised that this organic box of fresh vegetables we took from the country every Wednesday evening, was the obvious transport for these random insects. Obviously. It all made sense.

Last night, I caught a moth in my hands. It was quite big. I didn’t like the feeling of its wings battering against my hands. I tried to be as gentle as possible and took it to the window.

It had me thinking – moths, attracted to electric lights, or fire, the ‘wrong’ light – and singeing its wings. We, humans, getting caught up in ‘the wrong’ light. A different light. Forgetting for a moment that the light we were searching for is much bigger, much brighter and more encompassing. Like the moth and the moon. The moth will go out into the night and follow the brightness of the moon and meet other moths and gather together and follow its destiny. If it doesn’t get caught by a cheap electric light on a street corner instead.

Hmmm. All that glitters is not gold.

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