Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Catchin' the Vibe

I do online energy readings.

I know, sounds crazy – don’t think I don’t know it, but the internet is full of crazies like me.

So, what is it? Honestly, I don’t know really. It started like this –

In 1996, I started to do qigong healing, and I added crystals to the mix. Qigong healing is like reiki, or laying on of hands – but its called qigong. There are schools that teach remote qigong healing. That is, to ‘heal’ or send positive energy towards someone who is not in the same room. Please don’t ask me the theory behind it. Its only theory, and as Ms Myss says, sometimes we have to go beyond reason for these things.

One day, a girl said to me ‘I have a stomach ache, while I do the abdominal breathing today.’ I asked her to lay down on the floor and I passed my hands through her energy body and suddenly information was in my head.

‘You’ve got your period.’ She said that was true. Then I told her the ‘rules’ for menstruation and qigong.

How did I know? I don’t know. The information was just ‘there’, very clear.

‘Incidents’ of reading people while doing healing sessions and with my students increased and then I accepted it without trying to enhance the information or skills. Most time I don’t tell people what I see, I just talk ‘around’ the topic. People don’t believe in these things, so not only do I have to deal with ill health, but also a belief system. Its difficult.

In 2007 things picked up again. I went through an internal growth spurt and started picking up strong vibrations from ‘place’ as well as people. It feels like there is information of the history in each place I go to. Some places have more energy information – or its easier for me to pick it up, than others. I don’t know why- again, there is a lot of theory, depending on who/what you believe in.

Last year all of my chakras started to work. Before that, I was only in connection with the top five. Since then, my ability to pick up ‘energy’ has increased to a point when you start to question ‘why’ do I know this? What’s the purpose? What can it do for me or anyone? Also, it just makes me look more crazy to everyone else.

Funny thing is, since we’ve all been able to connect on the internet, I don’t seem so crazy anymore. There are lots of people who can do this, who have developed skills and feel uncomfortable with them, and its creating a lot of increased confusion for many of us.

Last year I started consciously practicing reading people’s energy system. Only people who ask me to. Or my students, who are under my care in a way. Sometimes it happens anyway.

One time in January 2009 a man walked into a restaurant. Suddenly I started getting visions of him in pain and I turned my head away. I heard a voice in my head saying ‘you’ll regret that’. I said ‘what am I suppose to do then?’ and, without a doubt, it was ‘tell him.’

Do you know how crazy it feels? Can you imagine? I sit there, and strange visions and vibrations enter my body – then, a voice says, tell that man what you saw. I mean, its one thing to feel crazy in the self – but its quite another to have to tell someone else that you are crazy because you can see that he may suffer a heart attack tomorrow if he exerts himself.

What do you do? You have to make a choice. Be sane to humans, or follow the inner calling. What is the inner calling? I tell you what – if there is God – then to me, it sounds and feels the closest I have ever been to it. So – it comes down to humans or God. What are you going to choose?

I write my message down on a paper. I feel my face burning and I feel totally humiliated and I hand them the message with apologies for every social rule I am breaching.

Do you know what? The couple came over to my table (we were in a restaurant), and thanked me. I didn’t suffer anything except what was in my mind.

Something is happening here in on this planet. I don’t know what or why. Really. I don’t have a direct telephone to the head office. Again, there are a lot of theories. But I’ve given them up. I just do what I have to do. And that is, tune my chakra system. Make sure its clean. The cleaner I am, the more I feel the flow of energy through my system and the more I can see and help others.

So, if you think I’m crazy, but would like to try – send me an e mail, tell me what’s going on – and if you want me to, this is absolutely voluntary – I’ll check in with you.

What happens to you when I do this? As far as I’ve heard from others – nothing.

What do I do? I relax, concentrate on you, and then I usually start to feel how your body feels in an energetic way.

Do I hear your thoughts? No. Not like that. What I pick up is your energy. Where it flows and where it stops. I don’t know your secrets or thoughts.

Why get a reading? Sometimes we feel like we don’t know what is going on in our life. A reading from a person who doesn’t know you intimately, can help give you structure, or something to help focus on to move forward.

How do I know it works? I have a link to the online readings. If you want it, I will send it to you so you can see what the other people said.


I wrote this today because a friend of mine has been talking about some of their problems, and I felt, strongly, the urge to ‘enter’ her system and see what the blockages were. But I think this is very personal. Its not for everyone. And I don’t like to do this to people if they don’t ask me. It doesn’t feel kosher. If it sounds interesting – send me an e mail.

How much does it cost? Nothing – its free as long as I have the time.

Who is it for? For anyone who thinks they need some direction. Honestly, I don't ask other people to read my energy for me. I don't consciously allow any one else into my energy field. I am very particular who massage's me or who touches me. I think its important, for me. You have to decide for yourself.

Anyway -



elizabethtool said...

Indeed you must be crazy...birds of a feather...

I was quite surprised to feel the same thing over the internet...not refined like you. But I started noticing how emotions and intentions spread across the Earth in a matter of seconds...a lot of bad but finding some good too. My blog has a weird history for the sixth months it has been up. I was curious when I put it up...sort of like I woke up one morning and a voice said you need to put up a blog. What I was working on was a website for my art..and the whole blog thing has been a contentious issue for me because it takes up so much of my time...but everything that has happened on it has brought me wonderful things as well as some headaches...I almost quit the blog several times. But knew I was doing it for a reason.

Tiffany you are more than welcome to read my energy...there is nothing you can really tell me I don't already know whether I recognize it or acknowledge at this moment. I am sure that I am in denial about certain things...but I almost always recognize the truth when it is put forth. My concern would be for you...the bad energy my body is feeling doesn't want to infect your good energy. I'm not afraid to confront to confront the truth..I just cry and let it out!! Been doing that a lot lately.

I am out of town for the next few days and will not have computer access. Like you I am particular about who I touch and who touches me in an intimate way. I can give lots of hugs but exchanges on a deeper level I am a bit particular about.

And please don't be offended if I don't follow through on your advice...It will have nothing to do with you...but what ever has a grip on me and what I can manage at this time in my life. I have no doubt I will get to it seems to be chasing me down!! No false refuge I create is immune to its invasion...the universe is determined to hunt me down!!! Feeling pretty crazy myself these days...

Tiffany said...

You're so brave and so funny.

Everything is a bit hectic here at the moment, and when the time is right, I'll send you what I come up with. More than anything, its just frame work to look at things from a different angle. And offended! No - :) I've worked in the health and wellness industry for many years and have had so many people come and go out of my hands, I just send love and acceptance these days.

Same as we said about another topic 'its not my responsibility' :)

I think its a normal receptivity, picking up on vibration. It seems some are just more 'ripe' than others. Somebody posted a link about empaths - if I find it I'll send it to you. My son is the same. Takes everything around him and becomes it. Can be very difficult to know where we start and the other stops - but - more than that - it seems the ability to let it flow out of the body that seems to be the lesson for me. Feel it, then let it go. Don't hold it. That's when things start to hurt and I feel blockages.

Anyway - this will be long again - have a nice time away and talk with you soon.

Full moon tonight - and the last of the three eclipses. Should be some relief tomorrow

Tanaya said...


While in school for massage therapy, we had a serious of Quigong classes which I was really looking forward to.

About 10 minutes into the first class, I felt physically ill. I was sweating and almost hyperventilating. Somehow I was feeling everyone's energy so strongly that I had to lay down. I couldn't make it stop. The instructor had me leave the class and told me to come back the next time and see if I would be okay. The exact same thing happened. I was unable to finish the series.

That was years ago and while I haven't investigated or learned anything further about it, I have always been very interested. If you have the time, I would be honored to have you do a reading for me!

Tiffany said...

Hello Tanaya,

Thank you for contacting me. Yes, with pleasure. I'm free from Monday. You can send me an e mail at

I've been trying to find an email contact of yours, but can not on your name's link.

Talk with you soon,