Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thank You Caroline Myss

Caroline Myss

Your faith falls upon me like a mantle.
It burns my skin.

Your light is ahead – a constant lantern.
I must cross the darkness of me to get to the next light.

You tell me what I know –
But brightly, divinely-
Crashes of cymbals upon me.

One step I take
And I’m greeted by blossoming joys,
As I could not imagine.

Your next words smile in their knowledge.
I know. I know. Keep following.

I feel your smile, I see your hand,
Ever there, ever beckoning.

A guide you are
To the secret of me.

Thank you – I touch your feet.

The Art of Not Knowing

The Art of Not Knowing (originally posted here)

Exploring any new frontier means exactly that. Its new. There is no precedent. It doesn’t matter what field you work in – it doesn’t matter what beliefs you hold – we all need to be able to not know, before we can know something new.

No expectations, no disappointment.

Be an empty chalice.

Be a clear crystal glass.

Be empty.

If your glass if full, how can more be poured in?

If you already know – this is not for you. But if you are exploring, if you are wondering, if you are creating – then let us become empty – let us open out minds to the unknown.

How can we not know?

By withholding expectations. How many times have we looked at the weather forecast – or seen a cloud on the horizon – and said ‘ahh, now the weather will be bad for the weekend- everything will be ruined.’ How many times have we thought ‘there’s no point, I already know what he/she will say – or think – or react if I do ‘this’. How many times have we joined a group of friends and thought – this is going to be exactly the same as the last time… before it even begins…
If we already know – then we deny the possibility of the new.

What happens if we don’t know?
Perhaps, we feel afraid… That’s the unknown, ever since we were little – the darkness, or the new place, or the new school, or the stranger. The unknown reveals itself – and as we grow up – we learn that its ‘not that bad’ – and these fears drop away – but then – they turn into fears of change – and they freeze us in time.

There are many books on facing the fear, there are audio guides, there’s help – if you think you need it – and if you feel a ‘pain in your throat’ or you feel uncomfortable reading about ‘fears’ maybe you need to think a little about what it is you are afraid of..

The good thing that happens when we don’t know – is that we invite imagination – or inspiration – or a higher power –or what ever – into visit… and the brain explores its space and enters new territory.

How do you think Einstein figured stuff out? He didn’t know – and he tentatively opened his mind to ‘not knowing’ – he felt safe not knowing – and he explored the ‘space’ and came up with amazing information that has changed the world we live in.

You can change the world we live in – right now… by opening up to the possibility of not knowing…
And this – my friends – is linked to something else. Its linked to trust. But that’s for another post.

The Art of Not Knowing

Exploring any new frontier means exactly that. Its new. There is no precedent. It doesn’t matter what field you work in – it doesn’t matter what beliefs you hold – we all need to be able to not know, before we can know something new.

No expectations, no disappointment.

Be an empty chalice.

Be a clear crystal glass.

Be empty.

If your glass if full, how can more be poured in?

If you already know – this is not for you. But if you are exploring, if you are wondering, if you are creating – then let us become empty – let us open out minds to the unknown.

How can we not know?
By withholding expectations. How many times have we looked at the weather forecast – or seen a cloud on the horizon – and said ‘ahh, now the weather will be bad for the weekend- everything will be ruined.’ How many times have we thought ‘there’s no point, I already know what he/she will say – or think – or react if I do ‘this’. How many times have we joined a group of friends and thought – this is going to be exactly the same as the last time… before it even begins…
If we already know – then we deny the possibility of the new.

What happens if we don’t know?
Perhaps, we feel afraid… That’s the unknown, ever since we were little – the darkness, or the new place, or the new school, or the stranger. The unknown reveals itself – and as we grow up – we learn that its ‘not that bad’ – and these fears drop away – but then – they turn into fears of change – and they freeze us in time.

There are many books on facing the fear, there are audio guides, there’s help – if you think you need it – and if you feel a ‘pain in your throat’ or you feel uncomfortable reading about ‘fears’ maybe you need to think a little about what it is you are afraid of..

The good thing that happens when we don’t know – is that we invite imagination – or inspiration – or a higher power –or what ever – into visit… and the brain explores its space and enters new territory.

How do you think Einstein figured stuff out? He didn’t know – and he tentatively opened his mind to ‘not knowing’ – he felt safe not knowing – and he explored the ‘space’ and came up with amazing information that has changed the world we live in.

You can change the world we live in – right now… by opening up to the possibility of not knowing…
And this – my friends – is linked to something else. Its linked to trust. But that’s for another post.

Yoga Asana Without the Mental Discipline

Today, while beginning my morning asana wake up routine – I opened the right side of my body – and heard this -

We are opening our bodies. We are creating more space within our physical bodies. But as it is above, so it is below – and the corresponding opening is within our mind.

What does that mean?
If we open our mind further, but continue to fill it with the same negative thinking as before, then we create a denser and more powerful version of our selves.
However, if we open our bodies and our minds, and welcome in the ethical and spiritual teachings that make up the totality of yoga – we have a real and honest chance of integration.

My advice
If you practice yoga asana, I want you today, right now, after reading this, find out a bit more about the other limbs of yoga. Discover niyamas and yamas. Learn one little thing at a time. When you read about discipline – don’t quickly move onto another word – stop – learn, discover what that word means to you. Dwell in the information. There’s no rush. Just a little bit every day – til you understand what it means to do yoga.

Remember, if you open your mind, but keep filling it with the same things as you have for the last 5 years, then you just create yourself again – but bigger.

Begin internal questions. Begin looking within. Understand if you just want a prettier body… or if you want to touch something magical – something that will transform you.

That is true alchemy.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Where do you encounter god?

Part I

Here, now
In light and shadow
In my breath
In my sight
In my heart
In my veins
In my bowels
In my mouth
In my softness
In my skin

In the awareness of every cell
In the formation before my eyes
In my nose – in the air
In the tingle across my lips
In my hair – to the very ends
In my teeth and in my arm pits
In the softness of a smile
In the pulse of my blood
In the burning of my feet
In my throat and in my speech
In the gaps between my teeth
In my scalp and eye brows
In my nostrils and tongue
In the liquid of my body

In the movement of divinity
In everything I see.

Part II

In the throbbing of my spine
The tightening of my softness

In the girdle of my middle
warming the golden egg,

In the fluttering of my centre
The ring of protection,

In the opening of my heart
The breaking of its covers,

In the opening of my throat
The sliding in of air,

In the diamond of my forehead
The blessings of my vision,

In the opening of my crown
The pillar of light in my centre.

Part III

The merging of mind, body, spirit and soul.
The integrating of the self.

The open expression of living your highest truth.
To be one with god.

To embrace god
To breathe god
To let every cell of my body be pierced in white.

To be swept in away,
To be whole,
To be awake,
To see,
To smile.

I encounter god in the sword of light that is sheathed along my spine.

A beautiful day

The light shines and seems to prove the white hot spear of the divine.

The shadow hides, deeper, and reminds me of the secrets yet to come.

I float in the water, safe at last, delighting in its weightless gift - and I know its my unconscious - that finally, I trust myself.

Finally I am whole.

The breeze touches my skin - and it is the breath of the living energy in all things.

I see a slumped body and hear a defeated voice - and I see the illusion we have created - that I have been a part of creating - and I glory that it is not me, any more.

And I glory that I can see it... I glory and hold it fast to me - hold it for dear life - because its the only truth worth fighting for...

The truth of the eternity of your soul.

Thank you Ms Myss for lighting my path.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Places of Power

I was thinking - places of power has become an interesting topic for many people lately - here is a blog post of some things that happened when we were travelling around Australia..

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bringing back the power of the talisman

Its funny, how we’ve been fighting to bring ration into the world – fighting the backward thinking of the past – and now the self is so superficial, we have to dig up the old traditions to bring some meaning back to our heartless state.

My son is sensitive. He’s fearful and susceptible to negative suggestion.

We were walking around a market today – and he saw a bracelet that he liked. It was made of wood – and quite bulky for his little wrist. He wanted to buy it.

Before I could think (often a good thing in my experience) I explained that because the bracelet was made of wood – it would act as a protective tree force for him. That it would help him to feel safe and connected to the earth – that it would give him strong roots, like a tree. If he wore it…

He wanted it. We bough it – and as he put it on, and waved his hand – his eyes lit up – ‘mum- I felt an explosion! I waved my hand and just here (at his heart area) I heard an explosion.’ His eyes were shining – and he kept touching the bracelet.

Later, I explained that he’d need to ‘charge’ the bracelet again – by putting at the roots of a strong tree he admired where ever he was. He needed to visualise the bracelet being zapped with positive energy and regaining its positive effect – and then it would be strong and clean again…
He’s been patting it and taking very good care of it since.

Honestly, he looks happier and more relaxed than he did before. The words came out of my intuition – not from my rational mind…. And I’m realising how much my own disbelief in my intuition has hurt him. He’s a natural emotional and intuitive person – and because I didn’t validate myself – I didn’t validate him… and he knows this – its why he doesn’t feel safe in this world. Because I don’t let him.

But now – its going to be different… Today he’s said he loves me three times – with real delight and intensity – and I know its because I let him be him – just as I am letting me be me…

Thanks be to all for letting this miracle open up and change our lives.

Healing the Body - headache

So- I’m discovering the new methods of self help… doing the best I can with the information I have so far…

I used to do ‘qigong’ – and I understood the energy working through me – and I was improved – absolutely – however – I was not inspired –as I am now…

So – we went out – to the beach – it was a long day – at the markets too – and I bought some beautiful sounding dancing bells… for my angels – it feels as though I have magic feet…

This evening – I developed a headache – and it quickly progressed into a sensation of nausea – and I realised it was the beginning of a migraine – something I haven’t suffered very often in the past 15 years… maybe I’ve had two. I felt fearful –because I remember the hurt – but – I sat down, did my qigong massage – began to meditate – and then asked my intuition what the cause of it was – and what I had to do to release…

Remember – if we create our life by our thoughts… then – I can stop the head ache…
I was told I was being judgemental (of course I was – its my ‘thing’) and, I needed to forgive myself, the one I was judging, and release the negative pattern. I needed, also, to apologise – and mean it…

Of course, its easy – once you stay focused on the ‘all is one’ – and crazy as it seems, even though I’ve experienced it myself, in the flesh – I still slip back into believing the ‘ego’ is ‘real’. Of course its not – its just a fabrication of ideas and beliefs – I forgive myself for slipping sometimes… I am human! And its ok. I’m doing the best I can, and its getting easier every day…

So then, the head ache is still blinding me – and nothing is shifting – just I’m meditating – then – I say – how can if ‘fix’ the head ache – so first of all I was guided to ‘pierce’ it with white light – like sharp white bright light – searing each cell that was pained – then I went into a state of natural chi flow – you can read a bit more about it here if you wish, and I found I was upside down… !
So – I quickly changed clothes, emptied my bladder, and went into a headstand – after a few minutes – I felt a ‘shift’ – and I came down – stayed in down dog for a few more minutes – and stood up –

The headache was gone – and though I can feel a certain sensitivity around my eyes – I feel myself ‘recovered’ … so there –

Of course!! This is NOT a diagnoses for anyone else – it purely personal – and works for me…

Gratitude for Ms Myss

I’m reading Caroline Myss – Entering the Castle – it feels as though it was written for me- so I give thanks for all that have come before me – for all the forces that came to help Ms Myss create the book – and for all the energy that has helped me have access to the work.

Its helping me at a time when I need it the most – for guidance, for clarity, for helping to validate how I feel in the depths of my soul – when I know something is missing – she’s helping to light the way – and far I have to go…

Saturday, October 25, 2008

My future studies

The final thing I was ‘guided’ with – was an understanding of what I was studying and where I should focus my studies –

I could use my understanding of yoga poses and different qigong poses, linked with my developing understanding of chakras to clear blockages for other people – including myself,… J

While I was in meditation – or communion with my angel on my left shoulder – I guess I won’t say that to everyone since it sounds a bit weird, even to me …
It sent me into a state of induced chi flow – like I’ve experienced before. And I could feel and experience the blockages.

I’ve been told to learn more about it. Simple and satisfying.

the impossible?

So this morning I woke up ‘whole’. I’d been feeling torn in all directions, and now, I feel whole and centred – and I know that this is just the beginning of my real journey. It’s a whole new world.
So I awake and have this presence beside me – it answers questions and just ‘sits there’ – its really weird to me – I can feel it – its heavy even… I wonder what else will happen here…
Anyway – Now – because I’ve opened up the possibilities of my intuition – the open vessel – the being a servant of the ‘power’ – or what ever it is… (naming it seems to limit it to me and I resist) –

I hear – tell your mother – so, I am ‘afraid’ … in some way. I know my mother – and she is VERY anti god – and I resist – but I am pushed – and I wonder what to say – and how to start the conversation – and it says – just open your mouth and the words will come out –
So I did – and there … it was that difficult…
My mother has already, this morning, gone down to the library to get more information – to use her intuition and get herself a book – she is willing to open up her consciousness – she could be powerful – she has strong sense of spirits – she just refuses to believe it … and I asked her to please stop denying it.. that it hurts both me and my son – and he is a sensitive too – and we can not let him have a half life….

So – this person I didn’t expect to response as she did, so easily and so happily – just goes and does the thing I thought could be the impossible! J

Life is amazingly simple … simply amazing…

October 2008 - my angel

October 2008

What a month!

So, I thought to myself, last night – maybe the angel is waiting – and indeed it was. I surrounded myself with white light – I did a protection prayer (only for my highest good is allowed to enter) – and I invited the angel in with me.

In it came and settled on my left side. It was still there this morning, and is still there now.

I asked the advice from some friends from Historum – and I painted what he looked like.

I can’t see him now, I can only feel it.

I asked what it was I was suppose to know – and it gave me my awareness of my sacral chakra… and heightened awareness of my solar plexus….

It’s the ‘dead’ body of me – I understood things incredibly simply – suddenly….

The three base chakras – the problems I’ve been having – are in the three base chakras I’ve always had very limited feeling or no feeling for – The top four are no trouble = they throb and move and are ‘real’ to me. The solar plexus comes and goes – but the base two have always been ‘dead’ to me… in some way.

My angel gave me awareness of the sacral – and this morning - !!!! I awoke and had awareness of the base – the root chakra!

So happy I am – so complete I feel to begin this new life – this new month – this new year of my 37th year – in such completeness…

Thank you thank you thanks to you….

The base went right down into my buttocks and is a big circular disk – and heavy – I didn’t see it or feel it before….

Amazingly – the base chakra is the one that has been holding me back – and my awareness of it has helped so much to release the problems I had – fear, insecurity, lack of a home….

I heard – ‘don’t look outside for your home – look inside’ – and there was the light of creation within.. and I felt so glad to be finally rid of my grasping….and to see the light within…..

Its really a miracle. It feels like a miracle…

Then it flashed to me – the reason I had such pain in my lower back when I was pregnant – the lack of security I felt – and I have passed onto my son. He’s fearful and sensitive. He has no root system – and this I can lovingly help him with…
My own lack of root system was based on my childhood – of not feeling wanted – and not feeling like I had a base – and was repeated in all of my relationships… its amazing to see the thread of it all within all of my adult relationships..

It nearly destroyed my current partner and I – but now – with his love and support – we will create a new future – where my security is not based on his love, or his presence – but on my love, my self love, my love of god…. The all .. the one…

Thank god! For such a moment….

I remember also – that I was hit by a car when I was 16 – and I crushed my lower back – I had no idea that I was creating the events myself with my lack of roots- I was living with my grandmother – I was ‘put’ there because my father and step-mother said they didn’t want me anymore – that they wanted to be together, for themselves… now, I have gone through the forgiveness of this – I have released any pain I felt from it, I have forgiven them and myself – and no, I don’t condone their actions – but I understand and I forgive them whole heartedly…. But it didn’t solve the problem of not feeling rooted…

As soon as I accepted myself – as soon as I said – I belong to god – I invite you in and I am part of you as you are part of me – as soon as I let it be…. The weight fell off of me… and life is changing daily, by the hour….

I am ready for it. I am ready for it.. I am ready for change and I am ready to love and be loved.

I am told to be an empty, clean, sparkling crystal chalice. … its more like a martini glass!! J , and this I am.. cleaning my self, my thoughts, my heart, my energy, my day to day relationships…

Now – I am a full energy system. I function as a whole… I invite you to follow me.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Angel on a horse.

I've been with the image of a steady, waiting 'angel on a horse' for the past three days.

I asked my friends in historum to help me with some symbolism. You can see
their responses here.

If you have any ideas on teh subject, please let me know.

When ever I ask for 'help' - the angel appears - I can never see its face. I have no idea of its name. I don't understand anything. I just draw a blank.

Guess what!!?

I just thought, it seems to look like feathers, the wings.. and suddenly I thought, its a chief - I googled image search and found this -

Now, although its not exact - it could be something similar - if the head piece was bigger...

So - he's not an angel!?
ok then - it makes more sense... ?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

dealing with criticism

Well - everything that happens to me - comes with words of wisdom, and maybe I don't follow it 100% as soon as I hear it, but it efffects me positively from here on in...

Today I went a bit too far in sharing information with my partner. He doesn't even believe in god, or a creator - so how can he beleive and understand anything I am talking about - and talk, trust me, I do.

Usually my partner is open minded, non judgemental - and incredibly relaxed about what I say. He says he refuses to beleive or disbeleive.

However, today he just looked me in the eye, and took my hand, and said, what I was saying, was completely impossible.

I was talking about 'singing colours'.

I have been drawn into thinking about and experimenting with healing with my voice. My voice as a vibration- and when I asked my guides how to practice this - the reply was 'sing colours' - I was delighted - what a fun project... :)

I was laughingly talking with my partner about it, thinking it was just a fun thing to do - and he answered sharply that it was impossible.

I felt it like an emptying balloon... I felt myself deflated - I heard, in my head 'its just words', 'he's allowed his opinion' - but I still feel so sensitive and vulnerable about my growth - I feel myself to be 'silly' and happier than before - but I do suffer moments when I think I've just gone loco.

Tears came - my body felt weak - I felt beaten.

How to deal with this -
First of all I asked some friends online to send positive energy my way for helping me not to judge my partner, for helping me to release the hurt, and helping me to forgive.

Then I thought - words are just words - in this instance - he's allowed his opinion. If I am strong in my self - his words wouldn't hurt me.

Increase your love, increase your forgiveness, increase your submission to follow your heart.

I feel better - the lack of judgement is essential for my growth - I know it as I breathe.

If you have any ideas about how to deal with these things, from family and loved ones - please share.

Healing the Earth Visualisation Meditation

Edmund Harold’s Meditation – as I remember it from when I read it in 1995.

Sit in your comfortable meditation position.

Relaxed body.

Begin by moving through each part of your body, and releasing the physical tensions. Then send your mind outwards, so that you feel the wholeness of your frame, encompassing everything. Allow yourself to drift upwards. Keep floating up until you can see the planet beneath you. Imagine that above the planet was a bright violet flame. Direct the flame to your base chakra – move up through each chakra, clearing, cleansing and balancing- let them spin gloriously.

Once you move to the top, move back down again. Then let the violet flame encompass your entire body. See yourself as a whole, vibrating with violet flame.

See the earth below you, and allow the white light of divinity to shoot through your third eye, or from your heart, or from the top of your head, and send it towards the earth.

Bath the earth with the clean, pure, strong and vibrant healing energy coursing through you.
Continue for as long as you feel necessary. You may direct the light to areas of the earth you feel need it in particular.

When you are ready, come back to your body and awaken in the way you do for deep guided meditation.

Earth Healing

During meditation this morning (I start, usually, after being awake for 5 to 10 minutes), as I started to clear my body and start to drain any left over tension – I’ve been feeling particularly connected to the universal spirit for the past two days.

I’d given myself, and my life, over to spiritual service. I made a pact, a ‘sacred contract’ between me and the spirit I feel around me, to honour and listen and live by the spiritual guidance I was receiving. Since then, my understanding and experiencing of the spirit of creation, the energy of the universe is manifesting itself constantly.

This morning, it showed me a vision, of my hands surrounding a ball – the ball was the earth. All of the qigong exercises I had done, where we hold a chi ball, it hinted, could be done, as healing exercises for the earth. That my ‘awakening’ was a positive for me, but now I was in a position to give something back to the world – the planet if you will.

I remembered how years ago I had read second sight by Edmund Harold. In it, he also suggested a meditation of chakra clearing, earth meditation and self meditation. I began to remember the details of the meditation, and I sat with white light turned on the world. The world was before me – I started to see other people, doing the same, all across the world – some of us in groups, in circles, circles within circles and I realised that love, the powerful energy of love and healing, if enough of us are awakened, would save and heal this planet.

I was sure of it – I felt it as a ‘truth’. Fear left me – and more than ever, I feel the ‘sureness’ of the permeance and creativity of this force, energy.

Information about Prayer

This morning I awoke with information about prayer.

Prayer has been a difficult word for me to utter. Its related to Christians and Religions, and my childhood was dedicated to ridiculing both.

I have tried to use words that didn’t trigger a negative reaction – but the Christian society I live in has made it easier and easier to adopt Christian terms as I become increasingly aware of the energy of the cosmos.

So – Prayer – is the word I will you –

I’d always thought prayer was kind of like talking to god – or the creator. Its our way to verbalise our concerns, our needs, and a way to deepen contact with the spirit we sense around us.

Lately my senses have been heightened. They’ve developed to a level that I am aware of at every moment of the day. I am living with energy consciousness – flicking in the room – in the shapes and shadows of auras, of flitting images – of my own energy system on overdrive – responding to each event of the day in a throbbing and demanding manner.

This morning, prayer, I was told (I woke with the information) – would change as our ability to pick up higher states of vibrational frequency developed. And I entered into an immediate connection – white, powerful and different from anything I had experienced before. It was more one to one. Not just me ‘talking’ – it was my energy – I felt it – connected to a force – and my words, or feelings for what I wanted, came clear, short, powerful – Louise Hay’s affirmations came to mind – Today is a wonderful day. I am open to the abundance of the universe. I am a loving and loved person. My relationships are harmonious. I have a healthy and strong body. I love my body. I feed my body healthy, nutritious food. I only work for caring and appreciative bosses.

It was not a statement. It became a truth. My hope turned into sureness. My wishful thinking turned into fact.

We need to open up our awareness – increase our sensitivity – to be able to see, hear and interpret the higher levels of energy. Its talking to us all the time – if we want to learn how to hear it.
Life doesn’t need to be a swing from sensation to sensation. It can be connected, at all times, to the energy of life.

What ever sense you have – the strongest talent you have – your visual, your sense of touch, your audio – pray from there. Open yourself and train from there.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Prayer I found

I loved this -

Lighting the Fire In ancient times, the woman of the home recited this prayer as she brought the fire back to life in the morning. It's still a wonderful prayer to use when lighting a candle, switching on the fire, or boiling the kettle.

I will kindle my fire this morning
In the presence of the Holy angels of heaven.
God kindle in my heart within
A flame of love to my neighbour,
To my foe, to my friend,
To my kindred all,
From the lowliest thing that lives,
To the Name that is highest of all.

Carmina Gadelica

From Celtic prayers

Chakra Post

I published an article on suite101, on chakras, if you're interested. Its the first in a series. Take a look here.

For more on
Solar Plexus Chakra

Jumps in progress

My progress is jumping forward at a speed that became confusing today.

I’ve been practicing viewing auras – and my ‘energy’ vision has improved to the point of ‘scary’.

When I gave up delving into the energy centres in 1996, I gave up because it became too overwhelming for me to deal with. There wasn’t enough information to help me – perhaps I didn’t look hard enough.

Now, there seems to be information everywhere. Guidance and seminars and online motivational speakers.

Everyone is expressing their intuitive side and explaining how they got there.

All I know, is that for me, there has to be an even and disciplined rate of energy spread over the entire body, mind and spirit. The body must be trained and well fed, the mind must be as pure as your control allows, your spirit must be fed and trained.

I’ve begun to see yellow, green and orange in the aura. I practice on my partner at the moment. As my vision improves, I can see the body, the physical body, changing shape and form under my eyes – I can see the blood moving/clogging in his system. Its overwhelming – and I am training my self to be calm and ‘clean’ at all times.

I need the relaxation of guided meditation to help me through this phase – and I find my greatest inspiration in Caroline Myss. Her voice is truly inspired. She welds intellect with spiritual inspiration on a formidable level. A inspiring and loving teacher.

Chakra cleansing twice a day and numerous use of white light through out the day for cleaning.

I’ve been directed to work on my voice – to increase its ‘healing’ potential. This I will do – and listen!! My guides tell me to ‘sing to the chakras’!! Then I will be able to train my voice for the healing vibration. Amazing… and makes sense… for me..

I’m having trouble with my throat chakra at the moment – its swollen and choking me.. I did some readings on the spiritual blessings forum and feel a little ‘dirty’ from the negative energy.

I need a stronger self defence than I have been using so far.

I think my development is going faster than my spirit can take at just this moment.

Trust, love and patience..

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Meditate online

I just saw an online meditation by Caroline Myss.
Give it a go - I did - and I will tomorrow, too -

Chakra Reading List

I recently wrote an article about chakras. If you are interested in a reading list to do a bit of your own research, take a look here.

Monday, October 20, 2008

What happened to me in India

The dirt, the filth, the colours, the music, the praying, the inequality, the food, the traffic!!!

When we visited Jaisalmer, the golden city, we visited a Jain temple. There were ‘holy men’ asking for money inside the temples… there were signs up saying do not give money to the holy men… put it in the box. It was out right hypocrisy… and in the middle of my rage of indignation that they ‘dare to’ pollute the Jain temple with their materialistic desires…. I was suddenly eye to eye with a statue … a statue very typical of the Jains.. and it was peaceful and smiling and I literally heard the message ‘its ok. Don’t worry about that. Don’t let them upset you. Keep your calm. Stay centred. Let it roll off your back without touching you.’ And a feeling of SUCH love and understanding … honestly, it has helped me SO much.

There were moments when I was totally outside of myself and over taken with pure awe. (I feel like I learnt nothing, just to be amazed). We were in Sarnath, where The Buddha was suppose to give his first talk after enlightenment. I didn’t expect anything there, and as we approached one of the main temples, I began to see flashes of a Golden Buddha floating in front of me… and then we entered the temple.. and the REAL statue was almost exactly what I saw in my minds eye… I started to walk towards it and was EMPTY of mind.. just filled with amazement… after some time… I read that they say that the remains of the Buddha are enshrined there… (of course I’m not sure if I believe that, but I certainly felt something amazing… )

I’ve always been a bit against images… and have felt that the statue ‘becomes’ like a ‘god’ to people…. … however, I have experienced something else!

I was in Dharamsala, and entered into one of the temples and suddenly, my eyes fell on the ‘green tara’ – one of the bodhisattvas and I was overcome with love and compassion and something outside of myself….

I read a bit about her, and the Buddhist method of meditating on Buddhist statue images, and felt that all of the qualities of the TARA were embodied in her… in a symbolic way.. something that reached out and touched me beyond ration… purely symbolically…

After I understood the symbolism better, I was able to break down my resistance to many of the deities that we saw in India…

(they are EVERWHERE)

And this leads to the last story…. :D

I was becoming more and more against Hinduism while I was there… all of the different deities, the selfishness in the praying.. the traditions and stupidies that go on in the name of GOD… and in the last place we stayed… in Mallampurum, there was a statue of Ganesh in the garden… every time I went near it I felt warm and peaceful… when I had a bit of time, I went to the statue to feel it, and see what was there… and it was again something welcoming, something positive and loving… It was living in the garden. It seemed absolutely real to me… and alive. And I lost my negatives reactions to the deities of the hindus… and understood the need for each person to find the images and symbols that suit them, and they can respond to….

Thank you India. You gave me so much

This post originally came from World Nomad Journals.

Answering a Vision from Jaisalmer

The Vision

I was sitting in meditation. I was practicing a technique whereby one paints the symbols that they see in their minds eye. One of the visions I saw, and painted, was of a city, ablaze with gold. A desert city. But it was old and something I’ve never seen before. It seemed to be alive, from the inside. There was nothing around it. No greenery. Just white space.

I thought that the vision was symbolic. I tried to think about what the vision could mean. I didn’t see it again and after some time, I forgot about seeing it.

When Albert was planning our trip to India, he often showed me pictures of different places. One of the photos he showed me was of
a golden city.

It wasn’t until later that same night that the image popped up in my mind again, and made me think about it. It seemed familiar. And just like that, I remembered. I started digging through old folders trying to find the painting.

It wasn’t identical, but it was pretty close. I started to do a bit of research on the area, trying to figure out what was special about a place that called to me from two years earlier.

I read about the Jains. I read about the city being just about abandoned because the old trek across the desert that livened the place up, was replaced by a more modern route. Jaisalmer was a well placed resting spot. It grew in wealth by taxing the caravans passing through.

It was the
Jains that interested me. They say its one of the oldest religions in the world, and they are strict vegetarians with non-violence as one of their main dictates. Of course, there are a few that go to extremes, like all religions, but generally, I liked what I read.

The Reality
We arrived in Jaisalmer in the early morning. We were staying at The Fifu Guest House for four days. We had a suite and I remember the stay as particularly restful and rejuvenating. I was still suffering from stomach problems and could only eat porridge and toast. The mention of Chai had my stomach clenching in negation.

On the second day, we visited the
Jain temples. There were quite a few people around. Foreigners and Indians alike. I was expecting to see another set of prettily carved statues.

Albert and I had already discussed the possibility of me being slightly disappointed in the city. It’s a special place, but for me, it was a bit dead and obviously painted up like a old call girl to get the new trade in. The city, like
Venice, seemed alive only for the tourists to ohh and ahh. Its not necessarily a place that sold itself to me immediately.

And then we entered one of the two main temples. And I saw figures, resembling typical Buddhist meditational pose, but obviously different. I was transfixed. There was a stillness in the face, a smile, a knowledge. Some Brahmin ‘holy’ men came to talk with us about money and donations. There were signs saying ‘Please do not give the holy men money. Put it into the donation box.’ I was standing in absolute awe of the special atmosphere in the temple, and these ‘holy’ men were giving me photo tips for the special price of 10 rupees, and by the way, have you got a pen, or maybe a lipstick for my daughter, she collects them.

Pause while I practice my OMM.

I felt outrage building up. The idea that so called holy men were going to ruin my experience of the ‘sacred’ had, needless to say, my back up. And I looked beyond the man and looked into the face of one of the main statues, and I heard distinctly ‘Don’t worry about it. Don’t let them disturb you. Come in and be here. Welcome. We are here for always, but these men will come and go. The softness in your heart is always there. Don’t let yourself be caught up in it.’ (or something very like this) And the words were accompanied by the most warm, gentle smile. A knowledge that knew no bounds. An understanding that was beyond my comprehension. Compassion for my small woe. And it just glowed from out of the centre of that temple.

I wasn’t concerned with the holy men any more. We wondered around at our leisure, and when the men asked for money, I felt the same smile on my face. It didn’t matter.

Since we left, the face of the smiling Jain has appeared before me in situations where I lose my cool. Where I start to judge and get upset at silly and inconstant things.

Sometimes I meditate upon the smile of the figure. Wishing myself the patience, the understanding, the smile.

When I think of Jaisalmer, I don’t see the end of a train line to a pretty but pointless tourist trap. I see the embodiment of the endless, timeless wisdom mind. Full of love, compassion, understanding, knowledge.

This recollection was first posted on the World Nomad's Journal.

Audio Books

I've started listening to audio books.

I listen to affirmations, psychic guided meditation, chakra clearing, cleansing and balancing and meditational.

Its the first time I've been drawn to the medium, and I'm having powerful responses.

I listen to at least two thirty minute sessions a day - usually a bit more.

I feel strong, vibrant and positive. Its exactly what I've needed to help kick start my new oaths to disciplined study.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

For parents

If you are a parent -

listen more and judge less.

The more you judge them, the more the child feels

1) insecure

2) secretive

3) alienated

4) resentful

5) misunderstood.

Advice - love them, help them to feel safe with what they have as a personality - and this requires you, the adult - to shut up more and listen.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Three Minute Guided Relaxation

In this first podcast (mp3) for Patheya Blogspot, I’m aiming for a quick physical relaxation meditation that can be done anywhere, at any time ywhen you have three minutes spare.

You can download the podcast here: Tiffany Jones - 3 minute guided relaxation.mp3
Written and spoken by Tiffany Jones
Music by Jaden Jones
Produced and Mastered by Albert Vila

Category - physically relaxation

The following is the transcript.

Find yourself a comfortable position.

Take a deep breath.

Let yourself settle into your body.

Relax your head.

Feel your face muscles, your scalp and even your hair relax.

Notice your jaw and the backs of your eyes.

Soften your ears.

Relax your shoulders. Move them if you need to.

Imagine the long line from your earlobes to the length of your shoulders become long and soft.

Take in a deep breath. Relax your chest and the front part of your body.

Let there be space in your chest. Notice the space around your heart. Perhaps you can feel your heart’s beat. Soften the area. Notice your shoulders. Breath deeply.

Mentally follow the curve of your chest. Notice how natural your breathing is.

Relax your back. Feel all the muscles loosen. Notice the length of the back of your neck and up into your skull. Take a breath, and become soft.

Relax your arms right down to the finger tips.

Stretch your fingers to help loosen them up. Release tension from your forearms.

Move down into your stomach and hips. Feel that you are comfortable. Run your minds eye around the pelvis area. Notice any tightness, and release.

Relax your legs right down to your toes. Feel all of your tension running out of the soles of your feet. It moves quickly and easily.

Breathe deeply.

Notice your entire body. Soft, at east, and comfortable.

Relax your thoughts.

Breath deeply, and on each out breath, let your body softened and release.

When you are ready, begin to stretch and move, bringing energy back into your body. You will remain relaxed, refreshed and full of positive energy.

All feedback, comments, positive and negative, will be greatly appreciated.

This post has been adapted from an earlier post.

Important to Remember

All of the visualisation tools, all of the psychic tools that we use are purely that – TOOLS. They are not the ‘real’ thing that creates the psychic state.

The tarot cards, for example, are not magic. They are merely a tool to use to help stimulate the mind. Everyone feels themselves drawn to their own tools.

For me, I like cards, but I love and feel the highest benefit from visualisation exercises, especially linked to guruyoga – or devotion to a master.

I was turned off by this kind of ‘worship’ when I was younger – and it took courage and honesty to face the fact that it’s the practice that filled me with the right love and energy to continue.

I first discovered and surrendered to this type of meditation after reading the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying.

Good luck

Morning cleansing

Practice – This morning I did the guided meditation on the John Edward Unleashing your Psychic Potential cd – the elevator one.

Problems – I have been waking up lately, and having immediate open third eye. Lots of visions – and it has been difficult to turn off.

Questions – How to turn off the psychic ‘powers’?

Discovery – Of course, the main thing is to practice. I liked that Edward spoke about the psychic ability as a playful puppy. And at the moment – it does what it wants – and we need to practice more and learn how to control it. That’s exactly where I am at the moment.

Personal – I have a strong visual impression – so that would make me clairvoyant. I have a strong ‘feeling’ of other people’s pain in my own body – and that would make me clairsentient. I have no ability to hear anything as yet (clairaudient), or smell. Taste Clairgustance, Clair scent. For more info, have a look at this link. Its not a clear website, but it describes these terms well enough for the purposes.

After finishing the session, I pulled down the blind over the third eye window – and it worked. I feel like its turned off now – and yet, I feel aware and strong within my self. Full of energy.

Benefits – I like the strictness of Edward’s entrance into the sanctuary. Its just what I need – to feel the seriousness of it and ‘force’ myself to be disciplined and honest with myself and my negativities. I like the exercise at the door – to let go of all of the ‘problems’ – not to let them come with me into the white light… Its important and I can feel already, that it’s the ‘right’ course for me to take at the moment.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Why start this mirror blog?

I started this blog – and I have so many – because I wanted to document what was going on with my spiritual growth. The other blogs don’t seem to leave an opening for this kind of information – its not exactly main stream – though, perhaps it is, more than I am aware… If Oprah believes in angels, and so does Princess Martha? Maybe I need to be more honest about this stuff.

Anyway – basically, I had a bit of a crisis a few weeks ago, and I realised I was feeling trapped and depressed and locked into ‘this’ world. I couldn’t see a way out. Then suddenly, I started seeing visions, like I did when I was younger, and it pointed to the change I needed.

Every day since then, I have been seeking and searching for the right path to begin with – and its started already –

Chakra cleansing
Disciplined Meditation
Open Heart, Open Mind
Mind and Body together

Its all great. I even started on a spiritual forum – which I link to here

So – instead of writing in my meditation diary – I will write here – and perhaps, I can be of some help to anyone who is interested in these things too.


Psychic Practice

Today I practiced with John Edward – Unleashing your Psychic Potential, for the first time.

I found him safety obsessed, but I understand it, in his circumstances, of sharing energy with spirits.

I went into the spiral stair case, and up the chakra coloured stairs – and came to the wall. Behind which is my sanctuary.

I’d just built a sanctuary – using a different exercise – but I was willing to have two – and to do this Edward’s way, considering he is so well known and seems quite powerful.

The experience of letting all of the negatives into the chest – or container was powerful, and worth while for me.

I could see all the colours of the stairwell well – but lost it a bit when we came to the violet. The top colour.

I had no trouble – everything was clear – the different visions and different parts of the room.

The relief I felt, at having let go of some things, was palpable. I appreciated that he took his role seriously – and I felt confident with his guided meditation – however – it was a little too fast for me.

I know I need to practice more – and I know I need discipline. So – with these two things – onwards and upwards.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Advice for the Clumsy

I came across this on another blog. It put a smile on my face. Now you can have one on your face.

Online Etiquette

Taken from Seth's Blog

People online are real people.
If you send a nasty email, there’s a real human being on the other end who gets it.
If you flame in a forum, you’re wasting real people’s time.
If you spam someone, you’re really only making yourself look bad.
If you write IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS it sounds like shouting.
If you want something to happen your way, try asking instead of demanding.
If you give, you’ll probably wind up getting, too.
If you blog just to pick fights, don’t be surprised when people don’t trust you.
If you collaborate, say thanks.
If you’re independent, say no thanks.
If you like someone, tell them.
If you don’t, walk away from the computer.
If you’re giving feedback, lead with just one good thing.
If you’re getting feedback, realize that the person must care a lot to have sent it.
If you goof, apologize.
If you apologize, mean it.
If you smile, mean that too.
If you don’t like something, don’t do it.
If you do like something, spread it.
But far far more important:Give people a break.
The break you probably deserve yourself.
People are out to do good, 99% of the time.
You probably are too.
Say thanks out loud and a lot.
Try making someone’s day.
Chances are they’ll make yours in return.

Don't give up

Don't give up.

Don't give up.

Don't give up.

What you can give up - habits that hurt you or others, in the short or long term. Goals that have lost their validity. Traits that are selfish and short sighted. Bad attitudes. Ugly language.

Don't give up - Believing in the power of the words 'its going to be ok.' Goals that you'll be happy to have achieved in ten year's time. Learning. Being open minded. Being humble. Learning from your mistakes.

Quieting the Mind

Quieting the Mind

The first thing I notice, is that I can see shadow. There is a flicker of light that I hadn’t noticed before.

Turning off the talk inside of your head, is like turning off a TV that is just too loud and too insistent. The immediate quiet is such a relief.

As you practice, it gets easier and easier. Then, you can just become aware of the noise (the chatterbox), and switch it off. And then,

you notice what you didn’t see before. Colour, shades, light and detail.

you feel what you didn’t feel before. Calm, relaxed, the shoulder’s release, the settling in the body.

you hear what you didn’t before. The birds, the cars outside, the people in the house, maybe even your own heart beat.

you are open, in a way you weren’t before. To other’s needs, to a wider perspective, to another point of view, to your self.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Three Rules

These three rules to a better life are from the American realist writer Nelson Algren. You might know him for his book Man with a Golden Arm.

1. Never play cards with a man called Doc.
2. Never eat in a place called Mom's.
3. Never sleep with a woman whose troubles are worse than your own.

I've never cared for cards or eating out. Two out of three isn't bad.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Taking the Star Out of the Pose

Taking the Star out of the Pose.

Being an instructor, especially one that is representing a company like Les Mills who promotes a strong star quality in their elite instructors, creates a persona that can be in conflict with the very theme of the instructor’s life.

Body Balance is a fun and rewarding exercise option that introduces superficial aspects of several esoteric eastern systems. It westernizes long standing eastern concepts into easily digestible bite sizes, and entertains us while we learn.

As an instructor, Body Balance emphasises technique and performance and visual perfection above in depth understanding of the benefits and history of poses.

In October of 2007, I left instructing behind, with the intention of getting back to ‘me’. I envisioned myself training, with me as the centre, rather than my students.

The work has paid off, though, it has left me unable to go back. I have no intention of teaching Body Balance again.

Let me say again, that Body Balance has its place in exercise centres. It fills a gap, between aerobics and asana practice – for people who are curious and want to experience a hybrid option. Its uplifting and brings people together in a way they might never have had the chance to before and I continue to support the Les Mill’s team.

However, it is time for me to turn to the elements in my life that resonate clearly for me. And that is by returning to study yoga, qigong and meditation techniques.

I won’t be as employable. I won’t have as many doors open, and I won’t be shining my inner star for Body Balance any more - but I will feel true to myself, and with that, more peaceful.

Les Mills, and Body Balance, and all that you represent – thank you for the ride! Its time for me to get off here.

1008 words

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

If I told you once ..........

An advice blog is a dangerous thing to wave in front of my tired old eyes. I love to give good advice as does any old person, it makes up for our inability to set a bad example. I must admit that I have never been good at taking advice. Especially from those that need it so badly themselves.
When asked for my dollop of wisdom I usually rely on the Truman ploy. He expressed it like this, “I have found the best way to give advice to your children is to find out what they want and then advise them to do it. Good old Harry S Truman. I think I will ask my inner child what I want and then give it to me. My inner child says don’t call me an old person. Yeah. I’m going to go with that thought. Like the ancient Greek said, “Whom the Gods love die young.” A lot of people use that sentence to mean struck down in youth. I don‘t believe they meant that for a minute. I think they meant that if the Gods love you the spirit of youth is with you to the end of your days. It's nice to know that one can sit in the twilight and be silly about it. The Greeks chronology was of a more infinite kind not measured by watches.
Karl von Knebel once said, “He who can take advice is sometimes superior to him who can give it.” So I guess if you listen to yourself it is not such a bad idea. So my advice is turn off all the noise and listen. That thought is for all of us here… not just me beside myself. My advice for the whole world is: turn the volume down a couple of clicks.

Where Lies the Freedom of Rules?

Where is the freedom of rules?

“Think not that we have revealed unto you a mere code of laws.”
Baha’u’ llaha

When we start out, and begin looking at religions, trying to find what resonates, we come up against laws.

We, as Seekers, based in the West and looking eastward, are stifled by the Church, by the good and bad morality, by the judgement and the guilt. We’re looking for more than material gain and a suffocating marriage where we smile with the mouth only.

We question the rules we have been taught. We question the ten commandments – and we come to some agreement with some of them, while others make us feel pressured, as though we were going against our own self.

Be careful.

Step warily.

Once you have chosen the seekers path, there are many ways leading into the darkness of the self. The self that twists and turns like wind in a storm. Be careful not to become the shadow of a rock, for fear. Be aware of the ego and the demands of this selfish child.

Search, discover, stand firm.

The laws – the guidelines - the rules, they are there, for a reason. Some need to be questioned – and some will reveal their treasure to you.

You are not the first. You are not the last. We are all together. Some have less awareness, others have more. You and I are in the middle of it all, together, taking this journey.

Stay humble. Watch your ego. Listen to nature. Let your heart sing.

Remember that in a storm, the strong and unbending oak is torn up by its roots.

But the bamboo, its roots stay firm, while it allows itself to bend gently this way and that, and when the storm resides, its roots are firmly in place. Be like the bamboo. Find your strength and let the winds come. The winds do come. There is no denying it. They are but winds, and you will endure.

Thus Far

Guidelines Thus Far

Self Knowledge


Open Mind

Open Heart


Love – of self, of others, Love – of all

Non judgement