Friday, April 21, 2017

I am a Public Speaker

I am a native English guest speaker centred in Barcelona.
I've been giving talks on yoga, meditation, health, archetypes, tarot, travelling and other topics for the past 6 years. You can see my profile in LinkedIn here.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Videos about Being Human

I just started doing videos again. They're off the cuff and with no editing.If that's your thing go take a look.
One about why we should forgive, or 'what's in it for me'?
And the first one, 'Let's start talking'.

I started vlogging (cringe) because I just don't have the time to write like I used to! This is an easy way to get what I want said out there.

Red Tent Meeting 18th of March 2017

For this Red Tent meeting, we spoke about The Flylady. That's all! All information can be found for free by clicking the link.

The next meeting will bring forth the topic of archetypes, what they are and how knowing about them can benefit us. 

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Red Tent Meeting February 2017

Date: 18th of February 

Topic: Work – how to get to where we want to go.

This was our second meeting, and our topic was visualising our work goals, and implementing the first steps on how to achieve them.

We allow ourselves the possibility of a two minute rant, if there is something in particular we need to get off our chest.

We did a mind map about success and fulfilment.

We talked about procrastination and used an idea by James Clear to help us visualise moving past it.

We looked at and ordered a copy of 2017 Shining Life Workbook

We talked very briefly about Love Languages

We were all quite interested in managing our time better, and we thought that the next meeting could be beneficial learning about the Flylady. 

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Our First Red Tent Meeting 2017

On Friday the 13th 2017, we came together for our first Red Tent gathering.
I'm so glad we started. It's been an enriching and empowering experience. 
I used online resources to help facilitate the meeting: the Red Tent Tool Kit and The Answers You Are Looking For Inside.
I'm writing down these notes as a record of our meeting, to pass on resources and to keep everyone in the loop of information, even if they couldn't come to the first meeting. 
I've ordered the book, The Red Tent, but I haven't read it yet. One of our members already has it on kindle! Yay!

Statements we discussed:
  • We are not against men, we are just pro women. (I am not anti British - Gandhi)
  • Tea is going to be part of our ritual - bring a thermos? 
  • Candles and a short statement is part of our ritual.
  • We like the idea of a speaking stick (I will bring the whopper the next time)
  • Hyper normalisation 
  • Zeitgeist movement
  • We'd like to open up the group to a wider age group. 
  • After the meeting, we can go for pizza/pasta and let our hair down. Or, alternatively, bring easy tapas to enjoy through the evening. We can decide before the next time. Nothing that further eats into our time. 
  • Suggestion: to 'adorn' our bodies in some way, simply if you wish, before the meeting. Something that symbolises honouring ourselves, to ourselves, before meeting with others. 
  • "We meet our own needs before we give out time, energy and resources to this work. We encourage other women to do the same because we believe that learning to meet our own needs before supporting others is a vital lesson for many of us. From a place of fullness we have so much more to give."
Things to do in the future
  • Bring a photo of an inspirational woman from your own life and introduce her to the group
  • Honing in on our MOJO
  • Write up advertisements of our partners, as if trying to sell them - in a hope we can see their pros. (suggestion from an absentee) 
Next Meeting: Our Future Career. What do we want and how to get it.  Feel free to bring any resources you have to help structure the meeting.