Thursday, May 26, 2011

Looking within only shone a light upon dark spirals.
It lead to flashes of colour and great circles.

Looking within delivered a world as intriguing
as the one I had escaped from out side.

I fell through gateways and fell through water,
I spoke to animals and sat at the feet of
my mistress the great Golden Tara.

I was embraced by Jesus and thanked
by angels and the great mother of us all
wove her tongue into my spine searing me
into her service.

For twenty years I lived within the confines
of these walls of myth, the stuff of dreams
and finally, when I'd drunk my fill of me,
I could see, it was one and the same.

I was trapped again, within the confines
of my best intentions. I was trapped by
the righteousness of my special path.

Thank god I was at the end of my tether,
because I could, with hearty thanks,
let it go into the fire with my Buddha's arm.

Enough of these stories holding the spotlight.
Enough of relationships to make sense of it all.

No more and no less than what is. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Facebook - Patheya

This is a link to the Patheya facebook  page.  

From here, in this place of no thing
no form no walls no words
comes the awareness of white light
shining from afar.

It moves in steady regulated
waves into the skin of this body
and yet, I notice that it is only
a different formation of this form.

This body is a conglomerate
of dancing for joy cells of life
that is in constant contact
with the entire web of creation.

Simply put, my body is your body.
Your body is mine and this
form is much less mine than
the conscious life force flowing

in and out of a giant weave
that plays upon the wind of
a laugh from the breath
of Life, of God, of You. 

And Return

Vibrant aliveness deep within
gives way to mosquito like thought
of pinching shoes and the revs
of a too fast motorcyclist.

Hot sun drips cold down my spine
sticking the singlet to my back
and turning thick summer air
into present moment aware.

Dancing emptiness rises
for itself to itself, without
the other, it does not exist.
It only opens to itself.

And this dipping and diving
of ideas and memories
hopes and desires are that,
which it seeks to embrace .

The same, the One, the love
the division, the rising the falling
the opening and closing
exist only in the darkness of no space.

Deep deep release into that
which we are, in this moment
beyond the confines of thought
lead to only the flowering of now. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's Not What You Think

Hey you, loud mouth,
it's not what you think.
The shouting, the insisting
the arguing, the fist shaking.
It won't make a drop of difference
in the ocean of Life.

It's not what you think.

She keeps moving, flowing,
dancing and swirling.
There's no grasping one such as she.
She laughs and promises
much more than you ever dreamed
but still, it's not what you think.

There is darkness, where she came from
A voluptuous vacuum
where breath is suspended
and the heart shut down.

Long gone, the echo of her laugh
from these dark days.
And still, it is not what you think.

Drunk with 'I know'
you drip words
of confusion and reflection
from a cup of sticky honey.

Addictive, sweet and
ultimately insect vomit.
Nothing more, these words,

and yes, it's not what you think. 

I'd heard it all before.
I'd read it a dozen times over.
But today, the sun beating down
on wind blown leaves
and the side of my face,
I heard it for the first time.

'Your thoughts do not define you.'

From a dissolving centre of vibrating nothing
came a victorious silence.

The leaves dashed back and forth
the sun's rays merged into my skin,
the top of my head burned with
the certainty of a too full egg.

So there it was.

The centre that held no form
and the me that dissolved
for the sword of truth along my spine.

Photo: Albert Vila 

Tiny Universe

Tiny particles, as intriguing as a universe
Tingle, glitter and dance under my eye.

Their form, seemingly from there
Collide with seemingly here
Until we are just one verse
of music playing as I.

Photo: Tiffany Jones