Thursday, May 26, 2011

Looking within only shone a light upon dark spirals.
It lead to flashes of colour and great circles.

Looking within delivered a world as intriguing
as the one I had escaped from out side.

I fell through gateways and fell through water,
I spoke to animals and sat at the feet of
my mistress the great Golden Tara.

I was embraced by Jesus and thanked
by angels and the great mother of us all
wove her tongue into my spine searing me
into her service.

For twenty years I lived within the confines
of these walls of myth, the stuff of dreams
and finally, when I'd drunk my fill of me,
I could see, it was one and the same.

I was trapped again, within the confines
of my best intentions. I was trapped by
the righteousness of my special path.

Thank god I was at the end of my tether,
because I could, with hearty thanks,
let it go into the fire with my Buddha's arm.

Enough of these stories holding the spotlight.
Enough of relationships to make sense of it all.

No more and no less than what is. 

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