Monday, December 22, 2008

Sage Woman

I'm tiding up on my computer, and came across this lovely bit of pc art created by my friend Pedro.

Thank you Pedro! I'm still considering using it as my avatar... though my shyness is holding me back. :)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Be Careful of Giving Advice

I liked the idea of this blog, because I've always been a big advice giver.

Sometimes though, when you give advice, its not wanted, and you're just interfering with the course of cause and events.
How to know the difference between interfering and helping?
Sometimes, for me, its about being asked.
Sometimes, its about following something that feels like a calling.
Sometimes, its about letting other's make their own mistakes, and letting them learn by falling down.
Sometimes I'm wrong, and other times it goes a bit haywire.
And then I learn something. So, thanks to me, for making mistakes too.

Ankh Symbolism

One of the symbols that arrived in the past months was the ankh.

It was placed on top of, but, in some way, the same as, the pale blue sword along my spine.

Now, the handle of the sword, and the 'oval' of the ankh are in my head. The blade, and the length of the ankh is down my spine. The symbolism, for me, was that I was now a tool of 'God'. I was the sword. Only a tool, for service. The ankh, when it appeared, also gave me the impression that it was a handle. The two symbols merged, so while it is the sword (the word of god), it is the key to the earth mother. It is both. The 'key' to the underground.

So, by being flesh, and consciousness, again, I am being coerced into balance. The balance of being held between two energies. The yin and the yang.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Remembering The Buddha

Before we get caught up with ‘how to’s’ – I think there is something we should remember about Siddhartha.

He had searched and searched, using different techniques, to come to some sort of spiritual awareness. And it wasn’t until he gave up his search, he gave up looking, that his intention, his ego mind split, like the cracked shell of an egg, that he ‘awoke’ and was reborn.

Also, remember, that the Buddha did have a kind of fact sheet. Cause and effect and the way. However, its also important to remember that the Buddha did not suggest the same learning for all individuals. That’s one of the reasons there are so many Buddhist schools, different ways within the way. Each person is going to respond to different stimuli. The Buddha knew this. In his understanding, he gave each person their tools to help them.

How does this help us?

The important thing to remember is that part of us has to die before we can be reborn. Part of us has to go, so that another part can live. The two can not live together. Everyone is different. The tools you use are just that – tools, to be picked up and put down, depending on your needs.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Asanas as a means to help Spiritual Emergence

Lately I’ve discovered how important asana practice is in helping the body assimilate the energy shifts in spiritual awakening.

This is not the same as kundalini yoga.

This is not the same as healing by using anana practice.

People all across the planet are awakening. There is something happening to the world. Its everywhere. People talking about 2012, strange dreams, weird sightings of spirits and increased clairvoyant activity.

I don’t know what’s happening to the world. I don’t claim to have a higher source of information. I only know that many people are talking about their spiritual emergence, their awakening.

Awakening to what? To another life beyond the constant round of shopping trips, and materialistic gains, and entertainment. A life that points at possible fulfilment on a spiritual level. At something more profound, more deep, more lasting.

But to get to such a place, we need to drop our little bag of knowledge. We need to give up a big part of our known, so that we can see into the possibility of the unknown.

People are struggling with the inner self and the outer self. They have headaches, sweating, pain, random itching and when the go to the doctor, as they should, for their check up – the doctor says, well, you can have a few (expensive) tests, but it looks like there’s nothing wrong with you. Possibly, you take the tests, and still, there’s nothing wrong with you – nothing that the medical profession can pin point.

What’s happening?

Some say its kundalini rising. Some call it spiritual awakening. Some say it’s the flowering of human consciousness. I don't know what to call it.

Remember, we are all changing. All of us have been afraid and fearing our own madness.

There is a template that can help us through this. It’s the chakra system. Feel free to read about what I wrote on suite101 about the Chakra Basics.

Now I’ve been practicing a mixture of yoga and qigong and meditation since 1989. Its not that long in a life time, and I’m the first one to say I’m still learning. But there is something I have discovered.

And that is asana practice and qigong can help keep the body open to the flow and changes of energy within the body. The energy moves – people feel it – and if your body is open, strong and flexible – it doesn’t block the flow. The asana practice keeps your body from holding the pain of spiritual emergence.

Everybody’s body is different. Ask your yoga teacher for help, if you think these symptoms sound like yours. Otherwise feel free to contact me.

Remember, you are highly recommended to visit your doctor first, before you try alternative therapies.

Spiritual Crisis - an interview with Christina Grof

Signs of Spiritual Awakening on Spiritual Blessings Forum



My destiny, my life plan, my soul’s contract is to discover and implement balance.

I’m a Libran. The scales. Constantly feeling and balancing life’s movement.

As I grew older, I started to try to balance my emotions, and my education, to learn about other subjects in the world, to open my mind, to become more balanced.

I like harmony and peaceful places.

Then I discovered that I couldn’t control my environment, but I could control my responses. So, we enter into balancing the mind.

Then I realised that I had different impulses, coming through the world at me – inspirations, dreams, callings, sudden needs and desires that were on a different level – and I started to learn about the chakra system, and implement its template into my life.

And then I realised, up to this point, why I was searching and insistent to find this point of balance.

My search is your search. Your search is mine. And together, only together, can we move forward.

Tell me what you are searching for.

I’ve stopped my search. I’ve found my centre, my point of balance.

Now, its just about living it. My mind is cleaned, my heart is cleaned – now – to embody, in action, on the physical plane – all of the threads that have come together.

Walking my talk.

Putting money where my mouth is.

Refusing to pass the buck.

Standing still, and realising that I knew it all along, but my search kept me busy, kept me active, kept me from myself.

The centre – the living embodiment of harmony within the human being, is the heart centre. The emotional centre. It is only from here, that we can move in true balance with the world and not hurt, block, harm and destroy the gentle balance of our earth and our relationships.

The heart centre acts as a processing centre for the light above and from the earth below.

A healthy, functioning and balanced energy system, life, relationships allow the two energies to meet within the child – the human.

We are children, most loved, most prized, most hoped for. All of us.

Light from above, and matter from below. Their creation – you and me.


Tolerance is the key to any conversation.

Listening is the door to opening your understanding.

Let your opinions be sand castles. Build them up with true intention to show your ideas, but let the tide and the winds blow them down once they’ve served your purpose.

Before every other consideration. We are humans. Together. All communication can begin from this basic understanding.

Heart Chakra - the Centre Piece

The mother’s energy, rising up from the ground. Embodied in the earth, the rivers, the trees, rocks and sacred spaces.

The father’s energy sweeping down in the form of white piercing light, air, in the consciousness of all matter.

The mother comes from the root chakra. She winds up, through the body.

The father pierces from the crown, as sharp as the most prized sword.

They converge, the two energies – in the centre piece, the heart.

When the male and female come together, when they meet, within the human body – we have the child.

The child, the creation, the manifest of the one and the other is embodied within the human heart centre.

As above, so below. The point on the horizon, the meeting point between the two is your heart.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Dragonflies as Flying Serpents?

I was outside, just now, and a dragonfly dove into the pool and straight out again – and I thought DRAGON FLY.

Dragon is a type of serpent, or snake. And it flies. If we look at the body of the dragonfly, it is like a little ‘stiff’ snake, with wings.

I was thinking today, what heralded the whole snake phenomena? And I remembered vividly, the dragonfly landing on me.

So, here it is – the dragonfly who was the first messenger -

By the way, it 'stuck' to me for about ten minutes. The little sweetheart. We had just packed up the car, and were about to leave, and then the dragonfly just 'sat' on me. After a few minutes and getting the 'proof' photos, I tried to 'release' it gently, but it continuted to land on me. So we just waited until it was ready to leave.

Thank you for the beautiful experience and for heralding in the new era.