Monday, December 15, 2008



My destiny, my life plan, my soul’s contract is to discover and implement balance.

I’m a Libran. The scales. Constantly feeling and balancing life’s movement.

As I grew older, I started to try to balance my emotions, and my education, to learn about other subjects in the world, to open my mind, to become more balanced.

I like harmony and peaceful places.

Then I discovered that I couldn’t control my environment, but I could control my responses. So, we enter into balancing the mind.

Then I realised that I had different impulses, coming through the world at me – inspirations, dreams, callings, sudden needs and desires that were on a different level – and I started to learn about the chakra system, and implement its template into my life.

And then I realised, up to this point, why I was searching and insistent to find this point of balance.

My search is your search. Your search is mine. And together, only together, can we move forward.

Tell me what you are searching for.

I’ve stopped my search. I’ve found my centre, my point of balance.

Now, its just about living it. My mind is cleaned, my heart is cleaned – now – to embody, in action, on the physical plane – all of the threads that have come together.

Walking my talk.

Putting money where my mouth is.

Refusing to pass the buck.

Standing still, and realising that I knew it all along, but my search kept me busy, kept me active, kept me from myself.

The centre – the living embodiment of harmony within the human being, is the heart centre. The emotional centre. It is only from here, that we can move in true balance with the world and not hurt, block, harm and destroy the gentle balance of our earth and our relationships.

The heart centre acts as a processing centre for the light above and from the earth below.

A healthy, functioning and balanced energy system, life, relationships allow the two energies to meet within the child – the human.

We are children, most loved, most prized, most hoped for. All of us.

Light from above, and matter from below. Their creation – you and me.

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