Monday, December 1, 2008

Dragonflies as Flying Serpents?

I was outside, just now, and a dragonfly dove into the pool and straight out again – and I thought DRAGON FLY.

Dragon is a type of serpent, or snake. And it flies. If we look at the body of the dragonfly, it is like a little ‘stiff’ snake, with wings.

I was thinking today, what heralded the whole snake phenomena? And I remembered vividly, the dragonfly landing on me.

So, here it is – the dragonfly who was the first messenger -

By the way, it 'stuck' to me for about ten minutes. The little sweetheart. We had just packed up the car, and were about to leave, and then the dragonfly just 'sat' on me. After a few minutes and getting the 'proof' photos, I tried to 'release' it gently, but it continuted to land on me. So we just waited until it was ready to leave.

Thank you for the beautiful experience and for heralding in the new era.

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