Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Remembering The Buddha

Before we get caught up with ‘how to’s’ – I think there is something we should remember about Siddhartha.

He had searched and searched, using different techniques, to come to some sort of spiritual awareness. And it wasn’t until he gave up his search, he gave up looking, that his intention, his ego mind split, like the cracked shell of an egg, that he ‘awoke’ and was reborn.

Also, remember, that the Buddha did have a kind of fact sheet. Cause and effect and the way. However, its also important to remember that the Buddha did not suggest the same learning for all individuals. That’s one of the reasons there are so many Buddhist schools, different ways within the way. Each person is going to respond to different stimuli. The Buddha knew this. In his understanding, he gave each person their tools to help them.

How does this help us?

The important thing to remember is that part of us has to die before we can be reborn. Part of us has to go, so that another part can live. The two can not live together. Everyone is different. The tools you use are just that – tools, to be picked up and put down, depending on your needs.

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