Monday, December 15, 2008

Heart Chakra - the Centre Piece

The mother’s energy, rising up from the ground. Embodied in the earth, the rivers, the trees, rocks and sacred spaces.

The father’s energy sweeping down in the form of white piercing light, air, in the consciousness of all matter.

The mother comes from the root chakra. She winds up, through the body.

The father pierces from the crown, as sharp as the most prized sword.

They converge, the two energies – in the centre piece, the heart.

When the male and female come together, when they meet, within the human body – we have the child.

The child, the creation, the manifest of the one and the other is embodied within the human heart centre.

As above, so below. The point on the horizon, the meeting point between the two is your heart.

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