Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ankh Symbolism

One of the symbols that arrived in the past months was the ankh.

It was placed on top of, but, in some way, the same as, the pale blue sword along my spine.

Now, the handle of the sword, and the 'oval' of the ankh are in my head. The blade, and the length of the ankh is down my spine. The symbolism, for me, was that I was now a tool of 'God'. I was the sword. Only a tool, for service. The ankh, when it appeared, also gave me the impression that it was a handle. The two symbols merged, so while it is the sword (the word of god), it is the key to the earth mother. It is both. The 'key' to the underground.

So, by being flesh, and consciousness, again, I am being coerced into balance. The balance of being held between two energies. The yin and the yang.

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