Thursday, August 20, 2009

Entertain Us

Jett and I were sitting in a café.

‘Oh look,’ I said, ‘a man out on his balcony.’ I pointed up at the man. The man was only in his singlet. His hair was greased back. I noticed that he was exceptionally skinny.

Jett said ‘He’s only in his singlet.’

Then I started to notice that the curtains were partially closed behind him and he was holding something in his hand. He looked back inside the dark apartment, called to someone and then he started to flick at something that I realised was a needle.


Now, I felt a rush of horror, but again, I thought, well, the addiction to drugs, is addiction to sensation. I was drinking a coffee. As we left the café, I saw cigarette butts crushed on the pavement. We walked past cola machines and cigarette machines and some women walked past with shopping bags, then we passed a group of teenagers decked out like pop stars - and we are all following sensation. Different levels. Different needs. But the same need. More excitement. More stimulation. More entertainment.

When I hear this same tune in my head, I hear Nirvana. Every time.

I feel stupid and contagious.


ordinary sparrow said...

This truly touches my heart. . .

Tiffany this may not make sense?

But as i read thought of the impact of consciousness. . .how all minds are joined. . .whether we are conscious of it or not. . .

The possibility of one consciousness person on those that are not yet consciousness. taking the strength from one to another, and with that strength, giving from the invisible world the strength of your awareness, the awareness of the teachers you have known, and his teacher, and all teachers throughout all time, dead or alive, past, present, and future. . . .and the strength this day was to bring consciousness to that which was unconsciousness and just to meet it with awareness,it seems to me as i read the words/worlds and between the lines. . .

awareness. . .awareness. . .awareness. . .how far does it reach?

ordinary sparrow said...

P.S. this picture looks like the guy from Lost? Sawyer

Tiffany said...

Oh Sparrow!
I couldn't stop the first painful contraction of 'what are we doing to ourselves' but quickly it was replaced with - 'we're all the same.'
Thank you for your kind and thoughtful words.
Yes, awareness. In the moment of fire, drought and disease. In the moment of joy, surprise and delight. Awareness.
Thank you Sparrow. You always help me shed another layer. :)
The picture does look like Sawyer! But its Kurt Cobain. The 'I'm stupid and contagious' is a link to his band and a song. He died of a drug overdose.

ordinary sparrow said...

Yes, Nirvana and truly a story of addiction. . .but he does look a bit like Sawyer. . .both of them playing the roles of bad boys. . .