Saturday, August 1, 2009

Words of Wisdom

This is a lovely website, containing information about one woman's search for her take on spirituality. Take a peek. It has some great information.


elizabethtool said...

The "Words of Wisdom" are not to be found...I guess I will have to spend another day unwise.

I don't know what is going on in my life Tiffany...I feel like I am in a sort of binding...wound tightly...I actually have tried many things. I used to run and do taebo and yoga...for some reason I can't get back into it...I have forced myself to exercise but it is not improving...I think its important but not as important as the mental stuff I am going through right now. I hope it is as simple as time and your astrology...I am so thankful that I came across Ordinary Sparrow at this time in my life...and now Tiffany has shown up!! You have a beautiful presence.I am having another cryfest this morning but now its different because things are being released...I may be making excuses but I think that in my life exercise is something that helps keep emotions under effective way to keep them stuffed down while feeling good about it. Or good enough at any rate. Normally I know what changes I need to make but at this time in life I feel like I am blind and don't know where to turn. I think it is slowly revealing itself...the little bird whether she knows it or not has been stirring the pot..she sings a song that is with me constantly...powerful messenger she is.

My company laid off a bunch of people on Friday...I was kind of hoping that I would be one of them just to force me into some sort of change. I hate my is the most meaningless job in the universe....I stay because where I live has some of the highest unemployment and it affords me vast amounts of time to contemplate. Should be vast amounts of time to exercise!! The more time I have the more it seems to slide by.

Sorry for the book I just wrote. I am thankful that I have met you...there are so many bad and negative things on the internet and it occurred to me how quickly they spread across the globe. A split second is all it takes. Now I see the other in a split second the smile that cannot be contained shines into peoples lives on the other side of the globe. There are so many positive possibilities!!!

Tiffany you have a wonderful day...or night which ever you are experiencing.

Tiffany said...

Elizabeth -

First of all - thanks for the tip - its fixed now.

Second - you're lovely and you can cry and be a couch potato as much as you want.

As I was reading your words, I saw in my mind's eye a painting you might do, similar colours of the tree - and a cocoon wound tightly - with a back ground of intricate patterns - possibilities - or maybe something simple and beautiful.

Honestly, and don't tell anyone on this blogspot about it, I haven't exercised like I used to for the past two years - and I've had such a HUGE growth in terms of inner development. I think, if we see the big picture, it all evens out.

Its all important, but, none of it is, really. Kind of, if you know what I mean. :)

Ordinary Sparrow hit me for a six and it seems I crashed and beat my heart to a pulp after meeting her. Still getting up, but this time with a certain emptiness that lets what is - be. Instead of my constant insisting. :)

Your crying, and waiting, and releasing reminds me of a vegetable garden. Before the vegetables are ready to eat. Its a lot of work, hot, in the sun, got to keep weeding, and then, watering, and then, waiting 'til the time is right. But no matter how much we WANT - the tomatoes don't get riper any faster than they ripen.

You can write a book any time.

Big Hug

elizabethtool said...

Glad to hear your similar experience with the little bird...humble as she is I wonder that it is one she has no idea what is going on because she doesn't experience it...more of a one way stream of energy she isn't affected by my negative energy. mmmmm...sort of like for what ever reason I can hear her message and reminders...while I love the Amma story...and what she does. I admire many enlightened people while having a great disdain for...teachers and masters(hate even using that word). For some reason os gets through to me.

Many good things have been happening but many of them are painful. She makes me cry and laugh. She fills me with joy and despair....Like I say her blog is like a pristine refuge and I am a water buffalo lumbering through....

Thank you for your kind words. They do mean a lot!!!


Tiffany said...

That a link/post for you Elizabeth. :)

'Pristine Refuge' - yes - I feel the same.