Friday, September 4, 2009

Right Now, You Are Where You're Suppose To Be

(or you wouldn’t be there)

How hard is it to accept, that this is where you are suppose to be? In this apartment, in this house, in this country, with these people, with this job or lack of job, and reading this right now. Everything at this moment, is exactly right.

Because it is.

Perhaps our mind tells us that we deserve a better life, a better husband, a better child, a better best friend, a better job, a kinder city. Perhaps you’ve always felt misplaced. The mind is powerful. The mind wants you to be a part from what is, so that it can be.

And it creates suffering, and pain, and frustration and disappointment.

Let’s look at our expectations of our life. Ten years ago, did you think you would be where you are now? Twenty years ago?

How could your mind possibly know what was going to happen and create all the circumstances so that you got exactly what you wanted? And surprise, surprise, if you did get it – are you any happier? What we wish for is often not what we really want, once we’ve got it.

Right here – at the moment in time, is exactly where you need to be. This is the key to simple happiness. Start with where you’re sitting. Notice the chair/sofa. Notice the noises around, the music, the birds, the cars. It is. Its life. Life can not be controlled by mere willing.

Scary to think of all the things we can’t control. But in facing the fear of the unknown – in facing this special fear, we have a chance at touching something so holy within the centre of each one of us. A sacred centre of stillness and peace. A place where sages sing of butterfly wings and eternal love.

Smile I might, but joke I do not.

Accept things, just as they are, right now. This face, the body. This chair, this apartment, this house, these people, these noises, the family, the friends, the work opportunities. Accept it – just for the moment.

Breath it in, and let the hardness that says ‘this is NOT me’ drop away. Be soft. Be real. Don’t be a projection of will and demands and ego. Be still. Be soft. Be in the moment so you can feel that tiny movement of air across your cheek and along your neck.

Smile. Be here. This is really more than good enough.


Brian said...

I feel inspired reading this post, thanks! It's what I need now, helping get through challenging times.

Reminds me somewhat of Max Ehrmann's philosophical poetry of the early 20th century.

ordinary sparrow said...

beautiful writing. . .and presence. . .

the verification word is bless. . .

Yes, this is blessing. . .

Tiffany said...

Hi Brian,
Thank you for your kind words. I don't know of Max Ehrmann. If you have any suggestions to read?

Thank you Sparrow. :)

elizabethtool said...

So I guess I can stop beating up myself for being in the exact same place I was a year ago...confused and not knowing what to do next....this is not so acceptable in America!!

Thank You I think I will be nice to myself today!!!

Connie said...

I love you Tiffany.

This was an incredibly beautiful post...and one that I so needed to read and be reminded of tonight.

It's late here...and reading this was like a lullabye.

Peace & Love.