Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thanks Toilet!

I woke early this morning and thought ‘thank goodness we have a toilet’. My mind showed me times while were travelling in the past two years of just having to find ‘any place’.

I lost most of my finicky requirements of a clean bathroom. One has to travelling cheaply in Asia. Its hard to find toilet paper in most places. The floors can be so filthy, its like the whole space for the toilet is a toilet.

When we lived in the Ambassador Van, we had to go where we could go. At least it wasn’t Norway in the winter in these moments. It could always have been worse, right?

But it had me thinking, how often do we give honest to goodness thanks and appreciation for the ‘basic’ things we have? Running water. Sometimes I turn the tap on, and water runs out – and my mind flashes to stories of women of my mother’s age, when they say they had to go down the river to get buckets full and lug it back home. When they used to have to fetch water from the well. These memories are in our mother’s life time – and it still happens in lucky parts of the world. In the unlucky places, there is no water.

But this is not about guilt. Its just about appreciation. Thanks. Gratitude.

And today, I’m really grateful for my toilet.

What about you? What have you been grateful for today?

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thecatalanway said...

love this! I am just about to go to mine and will say thank you when I am there! kx