Monday, September 28, 2009

Defy Gravity; personal comments

I'm just watching the second half of Caroline Myss's video on her new book Defy Gravity.

We've been talking about the difference in healing in the body, and the white light energy. She has studied it and written about it. The force of the light, direct upon the entrance into the mind.

She sees the human aspect as a 'distortion' - and slowed down and complicated. Jesus could heal at the speed of light. The Sufi's can heal at the speed of light. Remove the obstacles.

Bring in grace. Remove the little self.

Make the leap towards 'holy', 'reverence', 'sacred' - with no compromise.

Defy Gravity.

Remove the mental. I hear you. Integrity.

I have the feeling that Granollers is in the centre of a great crater. Mountains all around, and a desert stretched out in the centre. I wonder if its true?


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