Thursday, September 24, 2009

Montserrat - the book

Yesterday I was in Barcelona for the first time in a month. There is a book fair this week. As I was walking past the books, I came across one that had 'Montserrat' emblazoned across the front cover.

The book is written by Jacinto Verbaguer. It was first published in 1890, as far as I can make out. Mine is not a first edition, though the book is well worn and falling to pieces. It cost 10 Euros.

I will need help in translating it, as its written in Catalan.

Inside, it says 'Llegendari, cancons, odes'. The front cover has the mountain of Montserrat, a cross, the virgin with a crown and child, men praying to her.

The picture I found on the internet is small. Sorry for that.

With Love

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