Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cut in Half

Last night, my son came came into our room. I could hear he'd had one of his disturbing dreams.
I patted the bed, 'Sit here. Are you ok?'
'Yes. Now its all right. I dreamt you were cut in half, and there was blood and your eyes were popping out.'
I smiled in the darkness. My death. Of the physical. Change is surely announced.


Tiffany said...

Later he told me, I chased him across the ocean, swimming with half a body, and turned all of the oceans red.

ordinary sparrow said...

WoW!. . . the two of you are very connected and this child has the potential to truly become a great intuitive man. . . he is still so intact with the soul and the depths. . .Tiffany if you listen to Dr. E.'s free interview she tells the story of the fish, the old man, and the old woman. . .your son is swiming with the fish, i would say?

Tiffany said...

I am going to listen to the interview!

When Jett was a toddler and we lived in Japan - he slept beside me. Sometimes I'd wake up, and look straight in to his face, and he'd open his eyes, and say something that told me he had been in my dream with me. It happened more times that I felt comfortable with.

I was afraid of it, at the time. I tried to break the contact between us. It didn't seem natural. But, the further I pushed him away, the more 'tragic' he became. Weak, fearful. I can't do anything about that now. But I make up for it now. And he blooms. Thank goodness I stopped my fear in time!

I will post a picture he drew later - its just .... special! :)