Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Shattered Light

Yesterday, after watching Caroline Myss for five hours straight, I lay down for meditation and absorbing. I found myself drifting and the meditation turned into sleep. But it was waking sleep. I was awake. Aware.
As my consciousness moved back into my body, I felt the light shift and I hovered in space. It was a healing. This in between place. I felt like reflected light, tossing and turning on a dark lake. My whole energy body shook, vibrated, leapt and danced. I felt a tinge of fear but stayed in the place, just outside of my body until I couldn't take any more. My concentration broke, and I returned fully into my body.
I got my appetite back. My body lost weight. The pressure around the upper back eased off.
With thanks, and love

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ordinary sparrow said...

Tiffany thanks for the Link. . .

Kundalini Ma must be so happy with you these days. . .