Friday, October 24, 2008

Angel on a horse.

I've been with the image of a steady, waiting 'angel on a horse' for the past three days.

I asked my friends in historum to help me with some symbolism. You can see
their responses here.

If you have any ideas on teh subject, please let me know.

When ever I ask for 'help' - the angel appears - I can never see its face. I have no idea of its name. I don't understand anything. I just draw a blank.

Guess what!!?

I just thought, it seems to look like feathers, the wings.. and suddenly I thought, its a chief - I googled image search and found this -

Now, although its not exact - it could be something similar - if the head piece was bigger...

So - he's not an angel!?
ok then - it makes more sense... ?

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