Thursday, October 23, 2008

dealing with criticism

Well - everything that happens to me - comes with words of wisdom, and maybe I don't follow it 100% as soon as I hear it, but it efffects me positively from here on in...

Today I went a bit too far in sharing information with my partner. He doesn't even believe in god, or a creator - so how can he beleive and understand anything I am talking about - and talk, trust me, I do.

Usually my partner is open minded, non judgemental - and incredibly relaxed about what I say. He says he refuses to beleive or disbeleive.

However, today he just looked me in the eye, and took my hand, and said, what I was saying, was completely impossible.

I was talking about 'singing colours'.

I have been drawn into thinking about and experimenting with healing with my voice. My voice as a vibration- and when I asked my guides how to practice this - the reply was 'sing colours' - I was delighted - what a fun project... :)

I was laughingly talking with my partner about it, thinking it was just a fun thing to do - and he answered sharply that it was impossible.

I felt it like an emptying balloon... I felt myself deflated - I heard, in my head 'its just words', 'he's allowed his opinion' - but I still feel so sensitive and vulnerable about my growth - I feel myself to be 'silly' and happier than before - but I do suffer moments when I think I've just gone loco.

Tears came - my body felt weak - I felt beaten.

How to deal with this -
First of all I asked some friends online to send positive energy my way for helping me not to judge my partner, for helping me to release the hurt, and helping me to forgive.

Then I thought - words are just words - in this instance - he's allowed his opinion. If I am strong in my self - his words wouldn't hurt me.

Increase your love, increase your forgiveness, increase your submission to follow your heart.

I feel better - the lack of judgement is essential for my growth - I know it as I breathe.

If you have any ideas about how to deal with these things, from family and loved ones - please share.

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Tiffany said...

By the way, I've decided not to provoke this kind of negativity any more by the most sensible course - by not sharing quite so much with him about these things.
My partner is a good, kind, loving person. I don't need him, at this stage, to agree or condone every word of advice that comes to me via the 'spirits'. :)