Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Where do you encounter god?

Part I

Here, now
In light and shadow
In my breath
In my sight
In my heart
In my veins
In my bowels
In my mouth
In my softness
In my skin

In the awareness of every cell
In the formation before my eyes
In my nose – in the air
In the tingle across my lips
In my hair – to the very ends
In my teeth and in my arm pits
In the softness of a smile
In the pulse of my blood
In the burning of my feet
In my throat and in my speech
In the gaps between my teeth
In my scalp and eye brows
In my nostrils and tongue
In the liquid of my body

In the movement of divinity
In everything I see.

Part II

In the throbbing of my spine
The tightening of my softness

In the girdle of my middle
warming the golden egg,

In the fluttering of my centre
The ring of protection,

In the opening of my heart
The breaking of its covers,

In the opening of my throat
The sliding in of air,

In the diamond of my forehead
The blessings of my vision,

In the opening of my crown
The pillar of light in my centre.

Part III

The merging of mind, body, spirit and soul.
The integrating of the self.

The open expression of living your highest truth.
To be one with god.

To embrace god
To breathe god
To let every cell of my body be pierced in white.

To be swept in away,
To be whole,
To be awake,
To see,
To smile.

I encounter god in the sword of light that is sheathed along my spine.

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