Thursday, October 23, 2008

Information about Prayer

This morning I awoke with information about prayer.

Prayer has been a difficult word for me to utter. Its related to Christians and Religions, and my childhood was dedicated to ridiculing both.

I have tried to use words that didn’t trigger a negative reaction – but the Christian society I live in has made it easier and easier to adopt Christian terms as I become increasingly aware of the energy of the cosmos.

So – Prayer – is the word I will you –

I’d always thought prayer was kind of like talking to god – or the creator. Its our way to verbalise our concerns, our needs, and a way to deepen contact with the spirit we sense around us.

Lately my senses have been heightened. They’ve developed to a level that I am aware of at every moment of the day. I am living with energy consciousness – flicking in the room – in the shapes and shadows of auras, of flitting images – of my own energy system on overdrive – responding to each event of the day in a throbbing and demanding manner.

This morning, prayer, I was told (I woke with the information) – would change as our ability to pick up higher states of vibrational frequency developed. And I entered into an immediate connection – white, powerful and different from anything I had experienced before. It was more one to one. Not just me ‘talking’ – it was my energy – I felt it – connected to a force – and my words, or feelings for what I wanted, came clear, short, powerful – Louise Hay’s affirmations came to mind – Today is a wonderful day. I am open to the abundance of the universe. I am a loving and loved person. My relationships are harmonious. I have a healthy and strong body. I love my body. I feed my body healthy, nutritious food. I only work for caring and appreciative bosses.

It was not a statement. It became a truth. My hope turned into sureness. My wishful thinking turned into fact.

We need to open up our awareness – increase our sensitivity – to be able to see, hear and interpret the higher levels of energy. Its talking to us all the time – if we want to learn how to hear it.
Life doesn’t need to be a swing from sensation to sensation. It can be connected, at all times, to the energy of life.

What ever sense you have – the strongest talent you have – your visual, your sense of touch, your audio – pray from there. Open yourself and train from there.

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