Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Psychic Practice

Today I practiced with John Edward – Unleashing your Psychic Potential, for the first time.

I found him safety obsessed, but I understand it, in his circumstances, of sharing energy with spirits.

I went into the spiral stair case, and up the chakra coloured stairs – and came to the wall. Behind which is my sanctuary.

I’d just built a sanctuary – using a different exercise – but I was willing to have two – and to do this Edward’s way, considering he is so well known and seems quite powerful.

The experience of letting all of the negatives into the chest – or container was powerful, and worth while for me.

I could see all the colours of the stairwell well – but lost it a bit when we came to the violet. The top colour.

I had no trouble – everything was clear – the different visions and different parts of the room.

The relief I felt, at having let go of some things, was palpable. I appreciated that he took his role seriously – and I felt confident with his guided meditation – however – it was a little too fast for me.

I know I need to practice more – and I know I need discipline. So – with these two things – onwards and upwards.

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