Thursday, October 23, 2008

Earth Healing

During meditation this morning (I start, usually, after being awake for 5 to 10 minutes), as I started to clear my body and start to drain any left over tension – I’ve been feeling particularly connected to the universal spirit for the past two days.

I’d given myself, and my life, over to spiritual service. I made a pact, a ‘sacred contract’ between me and the spirit I feel around me, to honour and listen and live by the spiritual guidance I was receiving. Since then, my understanding and experiencing of the spirit of creation, the energy of the universe is manifesting itself constantly.

This morning, it showed me a vision, of my hands surrounding a ball – the ball was the earth. All of the qigong exercises I had done, where we hold a chi ball, it hinted, could be done, as healing exercises for the earth. That my ‘awakening’ was a positive for me, but now I was in a position to give something back to the world – the planet if you will.

I remembered how years ago I had read second sight by Edmund Harold. In it, he also suggested a meditation of chakra clearing, earth meditation and self meditation. I began to remember the details of the meditation, and I sat with white light turned on the world. The world was before me – I started to see other people, doing the same, all across the world – some of us in groups, in circles, circles within circles and I realised that love, the powerful energy of love and healing, if enough of us are awakened, would save and heal this planet.

I was sure of it – I felt it as a ‘truth’. Fear left me – and more than ever, I feel the ‘sureness’ of the permeance and creativity of this force, energy.

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