Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Why start this mirror blog?

I started this blog – and I have so many – because I wanted to document what was going on with my spiritual growth. The other blogs don’t seem to leave an opening for this kind of information – its not exactly main stream – though, perhaps it is, more than I am aware… If Oprah believes in angels, and so does Princess Martha? Maybe I need to be more honest about this stuff.

Anyway – basically, I had a bit of a crisis a few weeks ago, and I realised I was feeling trapped and depressed and locked into ‘this’ world. I couldn’t see a way out. Then suddenly, I started seeing visions, like I did when I was younger, and it pointed to the change I needed.

Every day since then, I have been seeking and searching for the right path to begin with – and its started already –

Chakra cleansing
Disciplined Meditation
Open Heart, Open Mind
Mind and Body together

Its all great. I even started on a spiritual forum – which I link to here

So – instead of writing in my meditation diary – I will write here – and perhaps, I can be of some help to anyone who is interested in these things too.


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