Thursday, October 16, 2008

Three Minute Guided Relaxation

In this first podcast (mp3) for Patheya Blogspot, I’m aiming for a quick physical relaxation meditation that can be done anywhere, at any time ywhen you have three minutes spare.

You can download the podcast here: Tiffany Jones - 3 minute guided relaxation.mp3
Written and spoken by Tiffany Jones
Music by Jaden Jones
Produced and Mastered by Albert Vila

Category - physically relaxation

The following is the transcript.

Find yourself a comfortable position.

Take a deep breath.

Let yourself settle into your body.

Relax your head.

Feel your face muscles, your scalp and even your hair relax.

Notice your jaw and the backs of your eyes.

Soften your ears.

Relax your shoulders. Move them if you need to.

Imagine the long line from your earlobes to the length of your shoulders become long and soft.

Take in a deep breath. Relax your chest and the front part of your body.

Let there be space in your chest. Notice the space around your heart. Perhaps you can feel your heart’s beat. Soften the area. Notice your shoulders. Breath deeply.

Mentally follow the curve of your chest. Notice how natural your breathing is.

Relax your back. Feel all the muscles loosen. Notice the length of the back of your neck and up into your skull. Take a breath, and become soft.

Relax your arms right down to the finger tips.

Stretch your fingers to help loosen them up. Release tension from your forearms.

Move down into your stomach and hips. Feel that you are comfortable. Run your minds eye around the pelvis area. Notice any tightness, and release.

Relax your legs right down to your toes. Feel all of your tension running out of the soles of your feet. It moves quickly and easily.

Breathe deeply.

Notice your entire body. Soft, at east, and comfortable.

Relax your thoughts.

Breath deeply, and on each out breath, let your body softened and release.

When you are ready, begin to stretch and move, bringing energy back into your body. You will remain relaxed, refreshed and full of positive energy.

All feedback, comments, positive and negative, will be greatly appreciated.

This post has been adapted from an earlier post.


Riann said...

Lately I’ve been finding that watching short nature videos helps me relax. It really works.

Tiffany said...

Thank you Riann.