Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A beautiful day

The light shines and seems to prove the white hot spear of the divine.

The shadow hides, deeper, and reminds me of the secrets yet to come.

I float in the water, safe at last, delighting in its weightless gift - and I know its my unconscious - that finally, I trust myself.

Finally I am whole.

The breeze touches my skin - and it is the breath of the living energy in all things.

I see a slumped body and hear a defeated voice - and I see the illusion we have created - that I have been a part of creating - and I glory that it is not me, any more.

And I glory that I can see it... I glory and hold it fast to me - hold it for dear life - because its the only truth worth fighting for...

The truth of the eternity of your soul.

Thank you Ms Myss for lighting my path.

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