Thursday, October 23, 2008

Healing the Earth Visualisation Meditation

Edmund Harold’s Meditation – as I remember it from when I read it in 1995.

Sit in your comfortable meditation position.

Relaxed body.

Begin by moving through each part of your body, and releasing the physical tensions. Then send your mind outwards, so that you feel the wholeness of your frame, encompassing everything. Allow yourself to drift upwards. Keep floating up until you can see the planet beneath you. Imagine that above the planet was a bright violet flame. Direct the flame to your base chakra – move up through each chakra, clearing, cleansing and balancing- let them spin gloriously.

Once you move to the top, move back down again. Then let the violet flame encompass your entire body. See yourself as a whole, vibrating with violet flame.

See the earth below you, and allow the white light of divinity to shoot through your third eye, or from your heart, or from the top of your head, and send it towards the earth.

Bath the earth with the clean, pure, strong and vibrant healing energy coursing through you.
Continue for as long as you feel necessary. You may direct the light to areas of the earth you feel need it in particular.

When you are ready, come back to your body and awaken in the way you do for deep guided meditation.

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