Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Where Lies the Freedom of Rules?

Where is the freedom of rules?

“Think not that we have revealed unto you a mere code of laws.”
Baha’u’ llaha

When we start out, and begin looking at religions, trying to find what resonates, we come up against laws.

We, as Seekers, based in the West and looking eastward, are stifled by the Church, by the good and bad morality, by the judgement and the guilt. We’re looking for more than material gain and a suffocating marriage where we smile with the mouth only.

We question the rules we have been taught. We question the ten commandments – and we come to some agreement with some of them, while others make us feel pressured, as though we were going against our own self.

Be careful.

Step warily.

Once you have chosen the seekers path, there are many ways leading into the darkness of the self. The self that twists and turns like wind in a storm. Be careful not to become the shadow of a rock, for fear. Be aware of the ego and the demands of this selfish child.

Search, discover, stand firm.

The laws – the guidelines - the rules, they are there, for a reason. Some need to be questioned – and some will reveal their treasure to you.

You are not the first. You are not the last. We are all together. Some have less awareness, others have more. You and I are in the middle of it all, together, taking this journey.

Stay humble. Watch your ego. Listen to nature. Let your heart sing.

Remember that in a storm, the strong and unbending oak is torn up by its roots.

But the bamboo, its roots stay firm, while it allows itself to bend gently this way and that, and when the storm resides, its roots are firmly in place. Be like the bamboo. Find your strength and let the winds come. The winds do come. There is no denying it. They are but winds, and you will endure.

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