Saturday, October 25, 2008

the impossible?

So this morning I woke up ‘whole’. I’d been feeling torn in all directions, and now, I feel whole and centred – and I know that this is just the beginning of my real journey. It’s a whole new world.
So I awake and have this presence beside me – it answers questions and just ‘sits there’ – its really weird to me – I can feel it – its heavy even… I wonder what else will happen here…
Anyway – Now – because I’ve opened up the possibilities of my intuition – the open vessel – the being a servant of the ‘power’ – or what ever it is… (naming it seems to limit it to me and I resist) –

I hear – tell your mother – so, I am ‘afraid’ … in some way. I know my mother – and she is VERY anti god – and I resist – but I am pushed – and I wonder what to say – and how to start the conversation – and it says – just open your mouth and the words will come out –
So I did – and there … it was that difficult…
My mother has already, this morning, gone down to the library to get more information – to use her intuition and get herself a book – she is willing to open up her consciousness – she could be powerful – she has strong sense of spirits – she just refuses to believe it … and I asked her to please stop denying it.. that it hurts both me and my son – and he is a sensitive too – and we can not let him have a half life….

So – this person I didn’t expect to response as she did, so easily and so happily – just goes and does the thing I thought could be the impossible! J

Life is amazingly simple … simply amazing…

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