Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jumps in progress

My progress is jumping forward at a speed that became confusing today.

I’ve been practicing viewing auras – and my ‘energy’ vision has improved to the point of ‘scary’.

When I gave up delving into the energy centres in 1996, I gave up because it became too overwhelming for me to deal with. There wasn’t enough information to help me – perhaps I didn’t look hard enough.

Now, there seems to be information everywhere. Guidance and seminars and online motivational speakers.

Everyone is expressing their intuitive side and explaining how they got there.

All I know, is that for me, there has to be an even and disciplined rate of energy spread over the entire body, mind and spirit. The body must be trained and well fed, the mind must be as pure as your control allows, your spirit must be fed and trained.

I’ve begun to see yellow, green and orange in the aura. I practice on my partner at the moment. As my vision improves, I can see the body, the physical body, changing shape and form under my eyes – I can see the blood moving/clogging in his system. Its overwhelming – and I am training my self to be calm and ‘clean’ at all times.

I need the relaxation of guided meditation to help me through this phase – and I find my greatest inspiration in Caroline Myss. Her voice is truly inspired. She welds intellect with spiritual inspiration on a formidable level. A inspiring and loving teacher.

Chakra cleansing twice a day and numerous use of white light through out the day for cleaning.

I’ve been directed to work on my voice – to increase its ‘healing’ potential. This I will do – and listen!! My guides tell me to ‘sing to the chakras’!! Then I will be able to train my voice for the healing vibration. Amazing… and makes sense… for me..

I’m having trouble with my throat chakra at the moment – its swollen and choking me.. I did some readings on the spiritual blessings forum and feel a little ‘dirty’ from the negative energy.

I need a stronger self defence than I have been using so far.

I think my development is going faster than my spirit can take at just this moment.

Trust, love and patience..

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