Thursday, October 2, 2008

Taking the Star Out of the Pose

Taking the Star out of the Pose.

Being an instructor, especially one that is representing a company like Les Mills who promotes a strong star quality in their elite instructors, creates a persona that can be in conflict with the very theme of the instructor’s life.

Body Balance is a fun and rewarding exercise option that introduces superficial aspects of several esoteric eastern systems. It westernizes long standing eastern concepts into easily digestible bite sizes, and entertains us while we learn.

As an instructor, Body Balance emphasises technique and performance and visual perfection above in depth understanding of the benefits and history of poses.

In October of 2007, I left instructing behind, with the intention of getting back to ‘me’. I envisioned myself training, with me as the centre, rather than my students.

The work has paid off, though, it has left me unable to go back. I have no intention of teaching Body Balance again.

Let me say again, that Body Balance has its place in exercise centres. It fills a gap, between aerobics and asana practice – for people who are curious and want to experience a hybrid option. Its uplifting and brings people together in a way they might never have had the chance to before and I continue to support the Les Mill’s team.

However, it is time for me to turn to the elements in my life that resonate clearly for me. And that is by returning to study yoga, qigong and meditation techniques.

I won’t be as employable. I won’t have as many doors open, and I won’t be shining my inner star for Body Balance any more - but I will feel true to myself, and with that, more peaceful.

Les Mills, and Body Balance, and all that you represent – thank you for the ride! Its time for me to get off here.

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