Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Quieting the Mind

Quieting the Mind

The first thing I notice, is that I can see shadow. There is a flicker of light that I hadn’t noticed before.

Turning off the talk inside of your head, is like turning off a TV that is just too loud and too insistent. The immediate quiet is such a relief.

As you practice, it gets easier and easier. Then, you can just become aware of the noise (the chatterbox), and switch it off. And then,

you notice what you didn’t see before. Colour, shades, light and detail.

you feel what you didn’t feel before. Calm, relaxed, the shoulder’s release, the settling in the body.

you hear what you didn’t before. The birds, the cars outside, the people in the house, maybe even your own heart beat.

you are open, in a way you weren’t before. To other’s needs, to a wider perspective, to another point of view, to your self.

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