Thursday, October 16, 2008

Morning cleansing

Practice – This morning I did the guided meditation on the John Edward Unleashing your Psychic Potential cd – the elevator one.

Problems – I have been waking up lately, and having immediate open third eye. Lots of visions – and it has been difficult to turn off.

Questions – How to turn off the psychic ‘powers’?

Discovery – Of course, the main thing is to practice. I liked that Edward spoke about the psychic ability as a playful puppy. And at the moment – it does what it wants – and we need to practice more and learn how to control it. That’s exactly where I am at the moment.

Personal – I have a strong visual impression – so that would make me clairvoyant. I have a strong ‘feeling’ of other people’s pain in my own body – and that would make me clairsentient. I have no ability to hear anything as yet (clairaudient), or smell. Taste Clairgustance, Clair scent. For more info, have a look at this link. Its not a clear website, but it describes these terms well enough for the purposes.

After finishing the session, I pulled down the blind over the third eye window – and it worked. I feel like its turned off now – and yet, I feel aware and strong within my self. Full of energy.

Benefits – I like the strictness of Edward’s entrance into the sanctuary. Its just what I need – to feel the seriousness of it and ‘force’ myself to be disciplined and honest with myself and my negativities. I like the exercise at the door – to let go of all of the ‘problems’ – not to let them come with me into the white light… Its important and I can feel already, that it’s the ‘right’ course for me to take at the moment.

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