Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tips for Relaxation

Steps to Relaxation

- Relax your head. Feel your face muscles, your scalp and even your hair relax. Notice your jaw and the backs of your eyes.

- Relax your shoulders. Move them back if you need to. Feel the line from your ears to the ends of your shoulders become softer.

- Relax your chest and front part of your body. Let there be space in your chest. Mentally follow the curve of your breasts. Feel how natural your breathing is.

- Relax your back. Feel all the muscles loosen. Notice the back of your skull.
Relax your upper limbs right down to the finger tips. Wriggle your fingers to help them loosen up. Release tension from your mouse hand and forearm.

- Relax your lower limbs right down to your toes. Feel all your tension running out of the soles of your feet. Let your mind be aware of the groin and inside of your thighs. Relax your centre.

- After you have relaxed your whole body. Relax your thoughts. Breath deeply, and on every out breath, let your body softened and release.

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