Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Spiritual Journey

To understand my idea you have to be aware of a couple of concepts that underlie the theory. 

1 - I believe in reincarnation. 

2 - I believe we are here to learn something.
3 - I believe there is a reason that we are here.
4 - I believe that we ourselves and nature tells us everything we need to know.

We are here to learn all there is to learn about being a human. Everything. How it feels to be everyone. To have had thousands of lives and experiences. To learn compassion (cause we have once been and done that, so we understand).

Why? So that we know.

Why? Why do we know anything? Why do we go to school? So that we learn. Once we learn, and know it backwards, then we teach it. We become masters.

Why do we need masters of life? I don’t know. But we are going somewhere else, after we’ve learnt all there is. When we don’t figure it out, when we don’t pass an exam of life, we just get sent back into the same grade and do a repeat until we get it right. Then we move on. We are all evolving and moving on in our education of life. All of us are at different stages, different grades. And there has to be a higher stage. I think that our lives are a type of school. Yes, if you like, the university of life. And we’ll be guiding, teaching, helping someone else one day. It’ll be our job, and the purpose of what we are doing now.

And then? I don’t know.

The cycle of life. The seasons changing, the earth around the sun in circles, the exchange of night and day, the reproduction of the species.

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