Sunday, March 9, 2008

Induced Chi Flow

Feel the Flow
recommended for intermediate qigong students

What is it?

This is a method of Qigong training. A practitioner increases the flow of chi (energy) in the body, and allows the chi to direct the body's movements for self healing.

How? (notes taken from SIFU WONG KIEW KIT'S Book The Art of Chi Kung)

Begin by standing relaxed and upright. Place your middle finger (left for men and right for women) on your dan tien and gently press about ten times. Then drop your finger to your side.

Use the other middle finger (right for men and left for women) to gently massage the baihui vital point, at the crown of your head, about five times. Then drop the finger to your side.

Perform a simple two breath qigong exercise about 15-20 times. Pause between each sequence to feel the chi flowing down your body.

Perform a different two breath qigong exercise 15-20 times. Pause between each round to feel the chi flowing through the body.

Stand relaxed with your eyes gently closed. If you are already swaying or moving follow the movements gently, don’t go against them. The movements are enjoyable and agreeable. To begin with your eyes are closed.

If you are not moving, then imagine a cascade of energy running down your whole body, and enjoy the pleasant tingling feeling, if you feel it.

If you start to move too vigorously, tell yourself gently to slow down. You are always under the control of your mind. Remain calm.

When you’re ready to stop, then stop slowly and gracefully. Its that simple.

Chi self massage at the end of the session and walk about briskly.

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I love it.
I find it the most effective way to clean my body. I like to trust my body and allow it to move into positions it knows will benefit my health. I feel refreshed and positive when i've finished.
What happens?
After a short amount of time (and I have been practising for over 12 years), I feel the heat and energy of my body begin to swell and take over my actions. I allow the heat to move and direct my physical motion.
Often my head falls backward, stretching my thoat and releasing energy in the throat energy centre. I learn about my self from the sessions. I am face to face with the negative build up in my body. I see directly the relationship between my mind and body.
If my throat is hurting, or swelling, it is usually in direct relationship to my inability to express myself, or it can represent something 'negative' I have said. The energy builds up in my body and i can feel it.
After some time, anywhere up to 30 minutes is usually enough, I wake slowly and regain full control of my senses
How Often?
Once a week is enough, for me, for health maintanence. More for spiritual and meditational growth.


Mònica said...

Hei! I'm a friend of Albert from Wayn, nice to say hello! I also practise Qi-kung, Taichi,Osho-meditation and sometimes yoga so I really want to you to do this nice website because people needs to know how good it is for reach awareness and to balance mind-heart, to high energy and so on :) so thanks for your explanations I think I will learn a lot about your experience. I wish you an enlightened life! ;) Mònica.

Mònica said...

sorry, i write really bad sometimes ;p , i meant '... i really want to thank you to do ...'' hehe. Bye!

Tiffany said...

Hi Monica!
Thank you for your comments.
I appreciate the positive feedback.
If you have any experiences of you own to share, please feel free to write.