Wednesday, November 2, 2011


vision enfolded deep tissue within
open wide expanding out and round
until it all comes back again refreshed
this time.

ever fresh bursting within upon each breath each beat
fluttering delicately deep within heart enfolded here
vibrating steel slides across oceans of lines I can not know
oceans of heart pulse swallowed in the plug swirl darkness
finding no thing on its trajectory of oblivion again this time.
pieces of poetry finding thrust in this frame overcome again
to dressing it up in rhyme of swing time when all is done
this time again is here you said dwell here in forgetting, please
don’t stop this swirling of life, don’t stop forgiving blackness
in bars both here and there across times past and this frightening
hole hot bubbling with frightened forgetfulness tied down
and beaten with twisted steel underneath your fingertips
and trodden underfoot for times blessed but past deep know.

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