Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I Should

Today I wanted a piece of walnut bread.

It was already 11.30 am and I hadn't eaten anything for breakfast. I was under the impression that the walnut bread was sweet, and I felt uncomfortable eating sweet walnut bread  with a cup of tea first thing.

So, I thought I should have something 'proper' to eat first. So, I made a sandwich. I opened a small drink. When I finished my sandwich, there was still some drink left. But the drink was not going to suit the walnut bread. So then, I thought I should have a little snack to finish off the drink with. I ate the last of a packet of chips we'd opened the night before.

Finally, with the sandwich eaten, the drink drunk, and the chip packet in the rubbish bin, I decided it was time that I could now consume the walnut bread. I made a cup of tea also.

I took a bite of the walnut bread and realized instantly that it was savory,  not sweet, and had totally rendered my previous 'shoulds' redundant.

I ate at least 500 should calories for absolutely no reason.

What 'should' did you do today that you can see was totally pointless.

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