Monday, December 3, 2012

The Power of Choice

Hello dear friends,

There is something in the air. The feeling of change and deep psychological and physical shifts. It's happening to many people around me. I can see it in friends, students and the wider world.

I feel that we are in a moment where we have to recognise the power of choice in our lives. It's a critical moment to become aware of our choices and their consequences. It's my wish that you consider the following except from an audio of Ms Myss and if you are interested, or you feel something resonate for you, that you deeply consider your choices. Thank you.

'I wish to highlight for you the significant power of choice, the core gift of the human experience. (...)

The first law I want to introduce is that every thought creates form, for every choice there is a consequence.

This particular law has so much authority, that for most of us it’s not one we pay attention to and yet, it may well be one of the most dominate forces directing every minute of your life. For every choice there is a consequence. (...)

The deeper creative choices we make in life are the ones we are not aware of. Those are the ones that have power. The choices of our attitudes, the choices of our belief systems, the choices of our resentments, the choices of the manner in which we love and the quality of love - all of these subtle choices that we really don't think about moment to moment. The thousands of choices we make, in terms of why we judge someone, how we judge someone, how we choose to see someone- these are choices. Every one of them. And everyone carries incredible potency. (...)

The whole of your life has an anatomical system. It’s duplicated in your physical anatomy system. So when I talk about these laws of choice and consequence you need to be aware that they are registered in your biography and they are registered in your biology.’

Caroline Myss – Advanced Energy Anatomy

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