Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Conversations with Jett

During Home Schooling Time
(April 08)

Tiffany - So, we've been talking about the months of the year. We've been writing them down for the last three months. January, February, March, and now it just became April. So, in March, it was 3. Now its April and its the fourth month. Number four.
Do you remember the first month?

Jett - June.

At the Dinner Table
(March 08)

Jett – Waiter waiter, what’s this sausage doing on my plate? Oh, sir, I think they’re worms.

Nana – Waiter waiter, what’s this fly doing in my soup? Oh, sir, I think its doing the back stroke.

Jett – Don’t you think that’s a little bit boring now?

Nana – what?

Jett – That joke. You say it every night and I think we’re a bit bored of it now.

We were watching The Last Samurai.

Jett -‘I get smarter when I’m watching tv.’

Me - ‘Why.’

Jett - ‘Cause I get ideas on how to draw new things.’

Me - ‘Do you want to pause the film so you can draw?’

Jett - ‘Yes, so I can draw my new samurai.'

My hero

'Mum, you'd better get your clothes on.'

I was beside the pool, twisted in revolved side angle pose.


'I accidentally told the boys that you would fix his bike. Scott's bike - the chain is falling off. You can fix it. You fixed mine many times in Norway.'

Not able to restrain my slight resentment from my practise being interrupted in such a way, I let out a sigh, untangled myself and wrapped a towel around my body.

'Hi.' I surveyed the bike and dexterously turned it over.

Scott tried to offer his 8 year old expertise, but Jett headed him off. 'Ahh, I think my mum knows what she's doing. She's been doing this for years.'

After a couple of failed attempts and grease over my fingers (I pretended I didn't notice it), the chain snapped to place.

'She did it!' Jett threw me a look of such admiration. I saw, openly, that he was proud of me. It felt great.

I came in and scrubbed my fingers...


K said...

I am sooo proud of you. You are a very good writer mate. It's such a pleasure to read your stuff. It's funny too. I'm dead proud to know you.

Much MUCH love,


Tiffany said...

Thank you Kindly Ms Katrine...