Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Different Perspective

I saw a documentary on teenagers leaving foster care and moving out into the ‘real world’. I saw a news report where the Australian Prime minister spoke about ‘problem teenagers’ like they were a pest to be sprayed.

It sparked an avalanche of questions and concerns. Many of them indelibly linked to my own experiences.

Children’s emotional development is often stunted through crisis moments they have endured in their childhood. Children coming from emotional and/or physical abusive house holds come into contact with the world viewed through stained glass.

Relatively ‘normal’ children do not have their imagination, their versatility, their creativity, their ability to think out side the box. Of course, they don’t have the negative aspects either.

Yes. I said that abused children have resources other ‘happy and relaxed’ children do not have. Its not the first time the idea has been voiced.

We need to think differently.

More information, more open mindedness, more positivity directed towards the ‘differences’ we have, rather than spending time and money trying to make us the same as you.

Because I was a troubled teen. I come from an alcoholic house hold. And I’m so tired of the failing approach of the ‘normal, happy A4’ people, yes, like our Aussie Prime Minister, making ill informed judgments about ‘what to do’ with the likes of them. Them being special.

In all the googling I did, I didn’t see anyone mention the ‘why’ factor. Why are the teenagers binge drinking? Why are adults supplying their children with alcohol. Why do we need to sedate ourselves? Where is it all coming from?

Our world is speeding up. The level of information available to us now is outstripping anything in our known history. We are constantly reinventing ourselves to adapt to the constant flow of change.

We need to harness our unusual thinkers. We need to implement programs to educate shattered minds. And not to try to glue them back together to resemble a clean sheet of glass. But to assemble the pieces so the light can shine through the coloured vision and perhaps lighten up the path with fresh and innovative ideas for the problems of our world today.

Think differently. Think positively.

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