Monday, September 15, 2008

Spiritual Seekers

Questions to ponder along the way.

Life before questions
We are caught up in the daily grind. The grind includes our routine, our constant round of ‘things to do’, our commitments and our duties.

We live.

What triggers questions?
Moments in our life when we are confused. The moments when what we see (observe) is not what we’ve been told (conditioned). There is conflict within, and we begin to question.

Moments in life when we are shifted outside, maybe for the first time, of the safety of our comfort zone.

Questions can begin at any stage and at any time. You can try to search for the answers, or ignore them and keep doing what you’ve always done.

Questions to consider
Where do our beliefs come from?

What is it that we are searching for?

What can we live without?

What do I need to keep?

How important is it for me to hold on to tradition?

Do I understand the need for rituals?

Can I tolerate other opinions and points of view as as valid as my own?

What environment do I need to perform at my best?

Do I believe in being productive?

Do I care about responsibility for myself, family, friends, society, country, world?

Is there a god?

Do I care if there is or not?

What are we here for?

Can I live without knowing the answers?

Do I need routine in my life?

Do I value my sanity more than the truth?

Is the ‘truth’ so important, that I can give up my life to follow the truth?

Do I need a teacher?

Do I need support?

Can I be different and accept myself anyway?

Can I be open minded?

Is it ok for me not to know all the answers?

Is it ok to live with the best I’ve got at the moment?

Is the environment my responsibility?

Is it enough, to be ‘nice’?

Who am I?

Who are you?

Who are we?

Do I really care?

What difference will having an answer make?

Life on the Path
Discover the basics. Discover the things you need to be a functioning human. Understand yourself and your needs and accept them. Once you have the basics covered, take the steps you need, at your pace, at your stride, and do what you have to do.

Go in peace.

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