Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Reality Shift

I had my clothes on, in the pool. I was underwater – my body moving in slow motion – and there was water all around – making everything slow.

I was in another reality.

In one moment, there was a shift, and anything was possible.

I was walking beside the pool, and without warning, and unexpected, my sister’s hands shoved me from the side. I don’t remember the fall. I am only, suddenly, strangely, under water – and I can see the bright green of my cardigan – and I see myself, slow and submerged – under water, with my clothes on.

In itself, it was liberating. A moment to be savoured. They marvelled at my good humour when I surfaced. I wanted to go under again, but I could see that might be construed at madness. My good humour was already making people wary of me.

The paradigm shift. The reality, existing, beside the every day. Just one shove, one push, and it all changed. It was that easy.

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