Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Sensation of Meditation

I’ve been meditating on and off for 14 years.

The beginning
There’s an immediate feeling of layers falling away.
The thoughts chasing each other across my mind fade away and I am instantly aware of the sounds around me. Birds, the wind in the trees, distant traffic.
It all becomes bearable.

My body is quickly at east and soft.

My eyes pick out details and I can see the light and shadow interplay.

The beat of my heart becomes like a reverberating drum I can both hear and feel as the centre of my being. Its beat is the reminder of my life, of my connection, of my energy source. It sends the blood and air through my body, and I watch it, and feel it.

The middle
All is quiet. All is alive. All is.

The end
I begin to hear the birds, and see the leaves move in the breeze. I feel the muscles in my body and my position on my mat. I’m aware of the little smile on my face. I refrain from wishing to hold onto the moment. I let it be… with a little shadow of attachment.

I smile at myself.

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