Saturday, January 2, 2010

Beginners Yoga Asana Practice for Home

This is a beginner’s routine for asana practice for home use. It will cover relaxation, attuning the mind to the body, and a balanced physical routine.

Physical Warm Up, Mental Cool Down

The first ten minute of asana practice is to help bring the mind into oneness with the body and breath. That means concentration on the present moment through focus of the body.  As you breathe out, you breathe out any concerns, anxieties or problems. You breath in energy, prana, and calm.

9 rotations, or 6 breaths for each exercise, start with the right side first. Hold the lower stomach firm in all poses.

  • Comfortable Seated Pose
  • Head Rotations
  • Shoulder Lifts and Drops
  • Shoulders Forward and Back
  • Shake the Arms
  • Stretch the forearms, knuckles down
  • Stretch the forearms, palms down
  • Cross Legged Forward Fold
  • Side Stretch (right and left)
  • Cross Legged Twist

Transition into Cat Pose
Extend, Contract, Breathe in, breathe out.


Transition into down legged dog with bent knees
Hold for 6 breaths

Walk the hands into the feet, hang in rag doll.

Roll up.

Sun Salutations times 4. Begin with the right side.

Body of the Practice

Now we’re physically warm and our mind is prepared to concentrate on steady poses.

Standing Poses
  •  Mountain Pose
  •  Tree Pose
  •  Dancer’s Pose
  •  Triangle Pose
  •  Warrior I and transition to Warrior III


 Stomach and Back
  • Alternate leg drops (laying on the back, legs are stretched up directly over the hips, breathe in, breathe out, draw the stomach muscles in, reach up, tuck the chin in.  Begin, breathing out, one leg towards the floor, breathing in, bring the leg back into place.)
  • Criss Cross (Alternate elbow to knee, across the body)
  • Double leg drop, breathing out on the way down!
  • Bridge pose (intermediate Wheel Pose/ Back bend)
  • Cobra (keep the shoulders low and the feet together – remember to engage the stomach muscles!)
  • Shake through the hips

Cooling Down
  • Down Face Dog
  • Fish Pose
  • Supine Twist     (laying on the back, arms out to the sides, knees above the hips, breathing out as you rotate the legs to one side and turn the head to the opposite direction. Breathing in as you return the legs to centre. The concentration is in the stomach and control of the movement.
  • Savasana (laying down relaxation)
Keep your mind on the body and breath. Acceptance of thoughts and relaxation and awareness is your main objective.

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Eco Yogini said...

what a fantastic post! sometimes it's so difficult to know how to begin a home practice :)

thank you very much for sharing and love your space!! (came over here from Connie's beautiful recommendation over at Dirty Footprints)

Many Blessings!

Tiffany said...

:) Thanks Lisa. It was especially designed for a student of mine who really wanted to do some asana practice while I was on holiday.

I thought it was too difficult for a really new beginner, but for somebody who knows a few poses. I will try to make a post for each exercise, so its easier to understand also.

Thanks for your kind comments. Connie's a doll. Love

sparrow said...

Yeah Tiffany. . .Thanks i hope to follow these soon. . .Thanks Sparrow. . . .

Tiffany said...

Sparrow! That would be fantastic! :)